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  • Open Date: 19.04.23, 18:10
  • Opened by: Laurent Pollet
  • Closed by: Anonymous Submitter
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Ticket #24570 - Isotope widget shows unpublished products


I have added an isotope filter on our homepage via PageBuilder, and selected the requested categories from which products should be included in the isotope product list.
Problem, the list includes products that are currently unpublished - they should be hidden.
Can you please correct this ?

Best regards,


Fred 25 Apr 2023, 21:33

Hi, Laurent Pollet.
Sorry for the delay.
I just make a fix, but have no idea have to check that. Please check and let me know

Laurent Pollet 26 Apr 2023, 09:27

Thanks Fred,
I have checked and indeed it works better now. Problem solved.
Best regards,

Fred 26 Apr 2023, 09:37


Laurent Pollet 04 May 2023, 12:27

Hi Fred,
We would like to know if it is possible to select specific products to show them in the widget (instead of letting the system choose.) ?
If it is not possible, can you please explain exactly how the system chooses the products displayed ?
Does it take the latest-created ? latest-updated ? in alphabetical order ? … Thanks for your help.
Best regards,

Fred 04 May 2023, 19:38

Hi, Laurent.
There is no such feature, unfortunately
As for the ordering, it’s taken from your settings here https://take.ms/1dTewA

Laurent Pollet 05 May 2023, 12:56

Thanks Fred,
I could order products as needed.
Yet something must have broken with the latest changes on the widget :
The product display is streched and categories are no longer clickable ?
When I go to the backoffice and save again the page layout (blue) in page builder, it gets normal again.
But as soon as I reload the page, I get the strechy display again.
It looks like some style-file is rebuilt on the fly when I load the homepage and this breaks the display.
Can you please check it?
Best regards,


Isotope.png (270.9 KiB)
Fred 05 May 2023, 17:42

I suppose that your cache module causes the problem. I just cleared Prestashop cache and everything started to work fine, but after page reload the problem returns.
So please try to disable all third party cache modules/extensions

Laurent Pollet 09 May 2023, 12:45

Thanks for your feedback Fred,
I deactivated some cache options and it works better indeed.
Best regards,

Fred 09 May 2023, 16:27