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Hello, it does not load the logo on computers, it only loads the name. How can I make it load? URL: new.cuchillerianebot.com


Fred 25 Apr 2023, 19:19

Hi, Jose Antonio Machio.
Go to your Header Template and switch to IMAGE logo → https://take.ms/ZhqBk7

Jose Antonio Machio 25 Apr 2023, 19:32

I don’t see that option in my menu


Fred 25 Apr 2023, 19:33
Jose Antonio Machio 25 Apr 2023, 19:44

Thanks Fred, it’s clear now !!
What I commented in the other ticket about the horizontal stroller, I have not been able to correct it, it moves 40 0 ​​50 px and it is quite annoying

Fred 25 Apr 2023, 19:58

It should be fixed now, please check

Jose Antonio Machio 25 Apr 2023, 20:36

Now it’s perfect!! thank you

Fred 25 Apr 2023, 20:36

You are welcome!