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Hello, I don’t see the way to change the background color of some sections like the footer from creative elements.

I have modified it from the css file, but when I modify something in the footer in creative elements and update, it returns to the color it had at the beginning, how can I solve it so that it keeps the chosen color? thank you


Fred 27 Apr 2023, 19:00

Hi, Jose Antonio Machio.
I just change the color with no problem https://take.ms/e4xCQ

Jose Antonio Machio 27 Apr 2023, 22:16

Thank you very much, I couldn’t find it, I wanted to comment that in the AMP version there are product pages that after modifying and restoring the images, they still appear small, I have deleted all the caches and nothing


Fred 28 Apr 2023, 21:48

Please check out “Tips to get nice looking images” in the documentation → https://alysum.promokit.eu/promokit/documentation/#images

  * Source images should have the same ratio as defined in the Images Settings
  * Source images should not be smaller than defined for "large_default" image type
Jose Antonio Machio 09 May 2023, 14:52

Hello again, I have several questions that I can’t understand, the first is the menu, I think there are 5 menu pages, my question is, how can I duplicate a menu page? What I want is that if in an option of the menu I have menu-2 for example and in another option I also have menu-2, what I want is to duplicate it so that it doesn’t save the changes in the other option, I don’t know if I’m explaining myself well
The second question I have is on the categories page, I don’t know why but it loads the subcategories horizontally instead of vertically in the left sidebar and also it doesn’t finish loading, it keeps me thinking, I attach a screenshot of this
And the last one, how can I vary the color of the background that appears in the cart window, or compare or favorites that is the same.
Thank you so much !!


Fred 09 May 2023, 18:19

Hi, Jose Antonio Machio.
1. Go to template editor page and click this button → https://take.ms/56ouZ

2. Just go to Category page editor and move subcategories where you need. And change image type to fix broken image → https://take.ms/haLuI

#. You can do that only with Custom CSS. We recommend using the Developer Tools of your browser to make such a small changes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wcFnnxfA70g