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Ticket #24617 - Creative Element - Category template loading error

Hi, I’m having problems loading the category template from the Creative Elements tool.

More precisely after selecting the “Hook CategoryPageBuilder” option in the theme settings > Category Page.

When I try to edit the page with Creative Element and select the " Alysum-page-category” template I get the error :

“Current widget works on Category Page Only”.

Can you help me figure out what I’m doing wrong?

Many thanks in advance.



Fred 05 May 2023, 16:34

The widget you trying to use is only working on Category page. That widget doesn’t work on other pages

Giuseppe De Cunzo 08 May 2023, 08:48

I know. And in fact I try to open it from the category page. But it doesn’t work and that’s why I opened a ticket.


2.jpg (53.8 KiB)
2.jpg (53.8 KiB)
Fred 08 May 2023, 18:07

I just created Category page layout in Creative Elements with no problem → https://take.ms/1T0FL

What widget did you try to add there?