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Ticket #24695 - Product Tab


Long time no here :). I waited for the update and I started to test it again. It’s much better.

I have a question:
There is the module product tab, which is very nice and works very well.

But is it possible to add e.g. the variable EAN13 into it? I import my products with the prestashop import function (csv files), which saves me a lot of time. I’m afraid that I have to add the text for the additional tab manually, because there is no import field. I can import it directly into the mysql, but this is my problem.

More important: I want summarize the information and include e.g. EAN13, MPN or weight and hide the prestashop tab. I also can do this manually, but it would be much easier or simpler to use the variable

e.g. MPN: $Variable_MPN, Weight: $Variable_Weight

so I just need to copy past the text with variables in each article, instead also checking the numbers and when there is a change I just need to do it once.

is this possible?

PS: I have a small problem with the translation. I added german language and the missing variables. but it still says “search” instead “suche” in the front page. (i already deleted the cache).
PPS: do you want the german translation for your template?


Edward Rosner 23 May 2023, 14:53

PPPS: Do you know where I can delete the sort by sales. In the category you can sort by price, name… but I want to hide sort by sales. The customer doesn’t need to know this information

Fred 24 May 2023, 19:00

Hi, Edward.
Sorry for the late reply.
1. But variable of EAN13, MPN is already available in the product page, so if you have EAN13 code added to a product it should be displayed
2. Sometimes you need to go to translations, find the word to translate and just click Save to re-write translation
3. Try following CSS to hide bestsellers option

.products-sort-order .dropdown-menu > a:nth-child(1) {display:none}
Edward Rosner 06 Jun 2023, 15:02

sorry for late reply ( a little bit busy)

The MPN, EAN13,.. are not in the translation of prestashop. I mean yes they are, but the translation is only for the background. The detail page translation doesn’t exist. Don’t know why, but it is so. (searched in the forum: only possible with a big change in the programming)

I was thinking that when I use your module product tab. I could add my text e.g. InternNumber and than the variable MPN from prestashop (Which i don’t use). Also can add e.g. weight or other variables, which are in the admin product information. Also I can summarize it in one tab, instead: description, detail, personal tab,…

So is it possible to use prestashop variables?
example: mysql table product → Ean13


sample.png (48.5 KiB)
Fred 08 Jun 2023, 12:14

Hi, Edward Rosner.
Unfortunately, there is no such option to have variables there.
We spent half of a day to find a way how to add such functionality, but with no success