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Ticket #24706 - You must insert the selected position (hook)

Every time I try to open a saved template with Creative Elements I get the message:

You must insert the selected position (hook) into the current template, in order for CreativeElements to work on this page.

I have tried several templates and it always appears. Obviously, that hook is being used on the web, in fact I have put it twice to check that it was ok. I also attached an image of the home. (In this case it is the header)



Fred 24 May 2023, 20:41

Hi, Francisco Bautista Fernández.
Please fill out all necessary fields in your profile https://support.promokit.eu/myprofile to access to your Back-office and FTP Server to let me check out what’s wrong

Francisco Bautista Fernández 24 May 2023, 21:51


Fred 25 May 2023, 19:44

I see you have modified files in the theme. Could you please restore original files and check out the problem?

Francisco Bautista Fernández 26 May 2023, 16:33

I’ve re-imported all the files and still the same thing, I can’t edit with Creative Elements. What can happen?

Fred 26 May 2023, 22:53

The reason of the issue is customised URLs https://take.ms/xRUe0 can you restore original values there?

Francisco Bautista Fernández 29 May 2023, 22:12

How do I do it?

Francisco Bautista Fernández 29 May 2023, 22:25

I have put the default url and the same thing happens. What I can do? I need to fix it as soon as possible

Fred 29 May 2023, 23:41

Sorry, but there is nothing to fix, because there is no bug.
Here is a screenshot of default Friendly URLs settings https://take.ms/KT9K8 you just need to restore your configuration like that