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Ticket #24714 - Learn more about the AMP option: Add "noindex" tag

Good evening,
I would like more information about the “Add noindex tag” option in the General Setting of the Promokit AMP module.

1) I would like to know if you recommend enabling this option to prevent " duplicate content " by comparing the contents of the Desktop site and the mobile version (/mobile).

2) I would also like to know if by enabling this option I can avoid adding the rel=”canonical” tags to Desktop version pages and the rel=”amphtml” tag for AMP content or is it still a necessary operation?

3) Finally, do you recommend that I upload only the sitemap of the Desktop site or that of the AMP version as well?

Many thanks in advance.


Fred 29 May 2023, 20:36

Hi, Giuseppe De Cunzo.
1&2. AMP doesn’t bring duplicate content issue because every AMP link has “canonical” link
3. AMP doesn’t require sitemap, as I remember. Google keep every AMP page cache on their servers and it know how pages are linked