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  • Open Date: 29.05.23, 23:27
  • Opened by: Aleksandr H
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Ticket #24715 - Language

Can you add the functionality of the original language changer block in Elementor?
I need the current language of the page to be displayed in the place of the inscription “Languages”


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language2.png (11.1 KiB)


Fred 30 May 2023, 22:10

Try this option https://take.ms/POQyc (use “Languages” widget)

Aleksandr H 30 May 2023, 23:47

I want to add about 27 languages, it will look terrible. I know that the Elementor functionality supports this, it is used on my other sites.

I just don’t understand why it says on your page that when buying a template I will save $99 on buying Elementor, but in fact I don’t get access to many things I’m used to, which means that I didn’t get the promised editor. On your page, when you click on a block, the link redirects to the module, but in fact only half of the functionality is taken from there. https://addons.prestashop.com/en/administrative-tools/44064-creative-elements-live-theme-page-builder.html I bought this template primarily for the sake of Elementor.
Your version does not support:
Page templates
Block templates
Elementor Widgets (Like as language selector)
Yes, you partially added your modules, but they are not functional, for example, some Cart, Sign-in, account icons cannot be replaced, its a basic options.


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Fred 31 May 2023, 22:59

1. There are no such option in the widget
2. There are two versions of Creative Elements module. The first one called Pro you can purchase directly from developers. Their second version you currently have has fewer options, but that’s a condition of developers. they want to get additional customers using this policy.
But I want to say that Page templates and blocks are available in our theme to.
Just go to Theme Settings → “Home page”/”Product Page”… and select any template you want
We also have over 400 pre designed blocks → https://take.ms/a2YAG Out widgets developed special for our theme and sometimes they have more advanced functionality

Aleksandr H 02 Jun 2023, 15:49

How much will it cost to modify the language display widget?
Like a this shop orangeshop.ee
I need to display active language, not “Language” text.

Fred 02 Jun 2023, 17:06

Please fill out all necessary fields in your profile https://support.promokit.eu/myprofile to access to your Back-office and FTP Server, I’ll try to do that for you

Aleksandr H 03 Jun 2023, 10:39

Did what you asked

Fred 03 Jun 2023, 11:06

I asked to give me access to your back office to see your configuration

Aleksandr H 03 Jun 2023, 22:36


Fred 04 Jun 2023, 20:37

Ok, done. Please check it out https://nailszone.eu/index.php