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Ticket #24722 - Checkout page problem

Hi Fred, I come back to bother you but I’m almost at the end of the creation of the site.
A strange thing happens to me on the checkout page… I opened a ticket on the prestashop forum (without getting a response) and then I wrote to the prestashop customer service who basically told me that the problem is related to the theme used.
Let me explain…This is the clarifying message that explains the problem and also includes what I wrote on the forum “…As for point no. 2) I didn’t explain myself well. The configuration is already set up correctly to allow a buyer to buy as a “guest”. But when I proceed as a guest the system does not allow me to proceed with the order because I am asked to enter a password. And this is a contradiction because if I want to buy as a guest it is precisely because I do NOT want to enter a password and register … so much so that the section indicates “create an account” and in brackets it says “optional”. I’m reporting the text I wrote in the forum so it’s clearer “Hello, I’m new to the prestashop world and I’m building a site for selling adult items. I’m currently starting to set up and test the checkout page but I’ve noticed a problem that I don’t understand.Basically I do the proof of purchase as a guest…there is therefore the “create an account (optional)” section which should be optional…but when I click on continue the system asks me to fill in the password field (see attachment)!But if in the settings I set that it’s optional (and it’s even written there) this is clearly a contradiction and I can’t get the system to let me continue with the purchase without entering the password… can you help me?” (see atthachment).
The response from the Prestashop technician was as follows: “…For the second issue, “Enable guest checkout”, this issue is related to your theme, because I’ve tried on classic theme of PrestaShop and it works properly”.
So basically I try to buy as a guest but the system forces me to enter the password. Can you help me?


Checkout.png (70.1 KiB)


Fred 31 May 2023, 22:44

Hi, Piero.
Yes, the error was in the file


and it’s already fixed

Piero 31 May 2023, 23:31

You are a great Fred thank you.
I take this opportunity to also ask you how do I view breadcrumbs even on mobile (for example on the category and product pages they are not there)… I’m not 100% sure of putting them but I would like to understand how to do it to have the freedom to choose.

Fred 31 May 2023, 23:35

You are welcome.
Yes, breadcrumbs are hidden because of small screen.
To show them, just add following CSS code to Theme Settings → Customer CSS

.breadcrumb.page-width.hidden-md-down {display: block !important}
Piero 01 Jun 2023, 00:18

Perfect! Thanks again Fred!

Fred 01 Jun 2023, 00:28

You are welcome!

Piero 08 Jun 2023, 14:47

Problem solved, topic can be closed