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  • Open Date: 01.06.23, 12:28
  • Opened by: Piero
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Ticket #24736 - Some images are hidden in the category views [request for clarification]

Some images are randomly? hidden in the category views; this happens below-the-fold, I was able to spot that the images inherit from their parent’s container the offending rule due to the “elementor-invisible” class.

.elementor-invisible {

  visibility: hidden;


I created an override for the rule, and the issue is gone, however I have no idea why this would happen and it just doesn’t seem right to apply “visibility:visible” to a selector which contains “invisible” in the name.

I feel like I’m working on wrong versions, currently my prestashop is 8.0.2 and the theme is 8.1.4


Fred 02 Jun 2023, 13:15

Hi, Piero.
Could you please take a screenshot for me and show what image is hidden?

Piero 05 Jun 2023, 15:25

hi, https://www.sensishop.net/34-anelli-fallici for example, it showed the behaviour below the fold.
If you want to see it, you have to remove the css override I added as described above.


Fred 05 Jun 2023, 18:19

I’m sorry, but I still don’t see the issue. I have removed your “hidden” css but nothing happened → https://take.ms/vmeKD

Piero 07 Jun 2023, 12:01

I have no idea how it manifests, I had it happen randomly and at first just reloading the page would fix most of the time, so I thought it was a cache issue.
I guess it has roughly a 30% chance of happening (even after spotting it, sometimes it wouldn’t happen on the next load), always on large categories and below the fold, which makes me think that the images below the fold are initially hidden for a speed optimization, and for some reason, the script that should show them (onload or onscroll) doesn’t kick in at random times.

Fred 07 Jun 2023, 22:47

Strange issue, we never seen it before.
Try following CSS fix;

.product-miniature .elementor-invisible {visibility: visible}
Piero 23 Jun 2023, 10:29

Fixed can be closed