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  • Open Date: 21.07.23, 18:10
  • Opened by: Marco MAdeo

Ticket #24849 - Create a custom Homepage

Good evening, yesterday I got your template for a new web project. We installed the theme by deleting the default Prestashop theme. With the default Prestashop theme we can customize the Homepage through the modules, while with your theme we don’t understand how it is possible to create a customized HOME page.
Using the “Saved Templates” section we can modify the current HOMEPAGE finding the “alysum-home”. But we don’t know why the website use in default this model. Furthermore isn’t there a way to change the page template of the HOMEPAGE, for example to use “lingerie-home”?
Or is it possible to create a completely customized HOMEPAGE from scratch? And if so, how?

Thank you in advance. Best Regards.


Fred 21 Jul 2023, 23:16

Hi, Marco MAdeo.
1. The main theme module is Theme Settings where you can configure different pages including Home Page
2. Please check out our video tutorial how to build pages using Elementor module https://alysum.promokit.eu/promokit/documentation/#page_builder

Marco MAdeo 24 Jul 2023, 11:11

Thank you for reply. But maybe I explained myself wrong.If I go to work from the “creative elements” and “content everywhere” section I find the “displayhome” location. From here I can create a new custom page with Elementor and save it (see attached screenshots 1 and 2). But the problem is that despite the custom creation and saving of the new home, another version (not the one created)of homepage is always displayed at the main url on the site which automatically takes from the templates saved by your theme (see screenshot attached 3).
So the only way I’ve found to edit the home page is to work directly on the saved template. However I think it is not very comfortable. So how can this be solved? Do you need access to the site?
Thank you.


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Fred 24 Jul 2023, 12:19

Hi Marco.
1. Go to Creative Elements → Saved Templates and create a template there
2. Go to Theme Settings → Home Page and select your template from the list