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Ticket #24852 - Problem with pksignin or Promokit Favorites module

After today’s fix in pksigning module (previous ticket #24840), there is a new problem.
If a client is signed in, increasing the amount to put in the basket for any product, suddenly switches to a different product pictures and combinations (the title and description stays the same). The switch happens to the last product added to the favourites list. When all the favourites are deleted, the switch does not happen.
Sending a link to a screenrecording: https://www.awesomescreenshot.com/video/19354878?key=09f05e249997787c9786258e0d868b2e

Please help to fix this!


Madara Mikuda-Rupeika 23 Jul 2023, 20:55

Something is also in the error_log Attached file with the new error log lines.


error_log (3.5 KiB)
Fred 24 Jul 2023, 20:22

But that’s Favorite products, not Cart, you showed me in the record.
The issue from the log should be fixed
Updated file is

Madara Mikuda-Rupeika 24 Jul 2023, 21:19

I showed in the screen record, how increasing the quantity of any product triggers a jump to a product pictures and combinations from a completely different product. The jump happens to the product that is last added to the favourites list. It still happens although there is no error_log currently. I don’t know how to show that differently. I login, add products to favourites and try putting any other product in the cart. When increasing the quantity to be put in the cart on the product page, the pictures switch.

Fred 24 Jul 2023, 21:39

Yes, I see now. Trying to figure out what’s wrong and provide a solution as soon as possible

Madara Mikuda-Rupeika 25 Jul 2023, 09:17

I don’t know it this is the case and don’t have so extensive knowledge in this field to check, but maybe this helps to solve this problem.
I am using Product Properties Extension module to be able to sell products in fractional units (e.g. 0.1 meters for fabrics). Few weeks ago I noticed that if PK Comparison module is enabled, the PPE module does not work as it should whenever the product quantity to be put in the cart is clicked. It kind of triggered a jump to Prestashop default of selling in whole units. I disabled the Comparison module so the problem disappeared.
Now the same action (meaning increasing the quantity to be put in the cart) triggers this jump to a different product’s pictures and combination (if there are any). So maybe there is also a link with this problem and the PPE module?
The PPE module developer wrote me this: “Usually it is incompatibility with some other module that also checks the quantity but can’t work with fractional numbers. I don’t know what is on your site. Maybe the problem is the incompatibility with the pkelements module.”
However as I disabled the PK Comparison module as it is not crucial for my site, the developer didn’t look into this problem. I have now written to him about this Favourites problem and am waiting for his reply, but maybe knowing this information helps you to get to the bottom of this problem.
Any help is highly appreciated as I need both Alysum template and PPE module to work together (that was the whole idea behind creating a new webshop), and I also need to be able to use Favourites.

Fred 25 Jul 2023, 20:55

Resolving this issue is important for us as well.
Actually we had it some time ago and I thought it’s already solved. The reason was presence of “id_product_attribute” value in every product miniature.
For now it’s disabled on product page, and that is a fix.
As I can see in your video, every Favourite product has “Add to cart” button, which contains “id_product_attribute” value. Add to cart button must not appear on product page.
When I tried to add a product to Favorites I don’t see Add to cart button. So the main question for now is how did you managed to get it there?

Madara Mikuda-Rupeika 25 Jul 2023, 21:49

I haven’t done anything to get it there :) I never go beyond clicking the possible options in module configurations (meaning I never edit the “code” by myself). The Product Properties Extension module developer told for some other problem in the beginning of the installation that they have seen some incompatibility with Alysum theme in the past, so maybe it was something he did that created this “Add to cart” button to appear where it shouldn’t. I am just speculating.
But thank you for looking into this and fixing it. Looks good!

Fred 25 Jul 2023, 22:14

Maybe, who knows.
Please let me know if the issue will appear once more, we have to fix it finally.

Madara Mikuda-Rupeika 26 Jul 2023, 21:22

Hello, again!
Unfortunately the problem is back again. And I haven’t done anything else than adding new products and two new categories to the store today. Nothing that would make “Add to cart” button to appear again in Favorites product miniature picture :(

Madara Mikuda-Rupeika 26 Jul 2023, 21:30

I now clicked to Hide the “Add to Cart” button in Product Miniature, in theme settings. The problem has disappeared again. Well, I don’t need that button in product miniature so hopefully it will stay that way.


Fred 27 Jul 2023, 13:07

Ok, I see now where is the potential problem. Need some time for tests to fix it

Fred 28 Jul 2023, 22:49

We made some tests and were not able to reproduce the issue. We created product miniature template with enabled Add to Cart button, but it’s not appeared on product page → https://take.ms/Xt9YX

Madara Mikuda-Rupeika 29 Jul 2023, 07:23

Strange. As soon as I enable “Add to cart” button on Theme settings under Product Miniature, it appears also on the Favorites’ Product miniature. Well, I can live without that button, so I will just disable it as it fixes the triggering to jump to a different product when increasing the quantity.

Fred 29 Jul 2023, 22:57

Looks like that’s just a cache issue. Try to clear Prestashop cache right after enabled Add to cart button