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  • Open Date: 25.07.23, 21:44
  • Opened by: Piero
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Ticket #24856 - Category width issue

Hi Fred how are you? I’ll be back to write to you about a problem that has arrived. I use full width on the category page…but now it stays fixed width and I don’t understand why. If you see the second photo before that white space with full width wasn’t there…now yes.
I do not know why.


Full.PNG (110 KiB)
Cat.PNG (478.7 KiB)


Fred 26 Jul 2023, 17:57

Hi, Piero.
Strange, it works fine locally, I just checked.
Please try this temporary fix:

body #main-content .page-width.top-content nav,
body #main-content .page-width.top-content,
body #main-content .page-width.main-content,
body #main-content .elementor-section.elementor-section-boxed > .elementor-container {
    max-width: 100%;
    width: 100%;
Piero 28 Jul 2023, 10:35

This odice works…but i use fullwidth only in category page and this code also works for example on homepage so i can’t use it. In any case I can go on like this but I don’t understand why if I use full width for the categories it doesn’t work…I didn’t specify that I installed an SEO AUDIT module…now it occurs to me that perhaps that is responsible?

Fred 28 Jul 2023, 21:28

sorry, my bad, here is modified code

#category #main-content .page-width.top-content nav,
#category #main-content .page-width.top-content,
#category #main-content .page-width.main-content,
#category #main-content .elementor-section.elementor-section-boxed > .elementor-container {
    max-width: 100%;
    width: 100%;
Piero 30 Jul 2023, 09:34

The code works fine. I applied it to mobile because on desktop I found that I like fixed width better while on mobile I like full width.
Now, however, let me know if there is any damage because in any case the category section command does not respond … I don’t know if that module that I told you about “SEO AUDIT” has problems … it is the only thing I had changed

Fred 30 Jul 2023, 21:30

I can’t say that module is causing the issue, it requires some investigations. Just use provided CSS fix. The issue might be fixed with the one of the further updates of Prestashop, theme, or that module