Ticket #24872 - Admin panel Error 500 after editing Content Anywhere Homepage

The admin panel of my page was unreachable with error 500 today and yesterday for several times. There seems to be linked issues for all instances, as they happen after modifications in Creative Elements.
Today Error 500 for backend was present after I had made edits of the Homepage under Creative Elements Content Anywhere and yesterday after edits to a category page (particularly category page “Preorders” has custom content in my site) with Creative Elements. Checked the error_log and can’t understand a thing :) I attach it for reference.
Today, the error lasted for a minute, but yesterday backend was unreachable for quite a while, even managed to contact hosting support for help.
Please check if these errors are theme related.


error_log (13.8 KiB)


Fred 02 Aug 2023, 19:06

Hi, Madara Mikuda-Rupeika.
Please confirm it works now, for me it works https://cotton-store.com/admin123

Madara Mikuda-Rupeika 02 Aug 2023, 20:53

Yes, it works. I hope the problem won’t return once again. The error logs were similar in both error cases.

Madara Mikuda-Rupeika 03 Aug 2023, 07:33

Although I haven’t received any more Error 500 for the backend, the site is generating error_log all day. Each string has some indication to alysum. To my understanding - if all is good, no error_log should be present, am I wrong?
I attach erro_log for reference.


error_log (13.3 KiB)
Fred 03 Aug 2023, 08:44

I just updated the file /themes/alysum/templates/checkout/_partials/customer-form.tpl now those errors should not appear anymore