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  • Open Date: 03.08.23, 15:56
  • Opened by: Antonio Brunno

Ticket #24874 - Discount product flag

Good morning,
I need to have only DISCOUNT appear in the flag in the categories and product details view, I’m not interested in seeing the discount either in value or in percentage.
it’s possible?
Thank you


discount.png (975.8 KiB)


Fred 03 Aug 2023, 17:26

Hi, Antonio Brunno.
Open the file:


find the line

<li class="product-flag discount">

and change the content between “li” tag as you need

Antonio Brunno 03 Aug 2023, 18:03

Thank you,
I did as you told me but it has no effect

Fred 03 Aug 2023, 19:38

That was a bit wrong code, I just customised that for you

Antonio Brunno 04 Aug 2023, 08:33

Now it works fine,
Thank you!

Fred 04 Aug 2023, 10:22

You are welcome!