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  • Theme: Alysum
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  • Open Date: 10.08.23, 11:46
  • Opened by: Mamor

Ticket #24881 - Creative element and categories don't work


I edit categories with creative element but the changes don’t appear.

Example category id 22 > Description > Creative element > The page is done but when I want to see the changes on the category nothing appears.

In the theme setting, I put “–hook “DisplayCategoryPageBuilder”“.

Thanks for the help.



Fred 10 Aug 2023, 22:41

Hi, Mamor.
I can’t login to your back office because of additional login form
Please go to Theme Settings → Category Page tab. If you have selected some template for category page, try to switch to Native layout and try to edit category description one more.

Mamor 11 Aug 2023, 09:13

Hello Fre,

Yes, you have to give logs because the store is in prepod (sorry for that).

I’ve updated my profile, you can find them in BO’s contact details after the _ which acts as a separator.

I tried what you suggested but it didn’t help. I think it’s a HOOK problem, it’s not hooking up in the right place.

Mamor 12 Aug 2023, 09:58

Hello Fred,

Did you work on the store yesterday? We had to migrate some data, which caused a 500 error, but the site is back online.

I noticed that I no longer had access to the categories and that creative element can no longer find the HOOKs for the categories and products.

Is this because you were inspecting the problem? If so, please let me know so that I can pass on the information, as the problem may be due to the migration.


Fred 12 Aug 2023, 10:22

Hi, Mamor.
No, we didn’t work there yet

Mamor 12 Aug 2023, 10:24

Hello Fred,

Thanks for your reply.

All right, I’ll pass the problem on to the team that handled the migration.

Fred 12 Aug 2023, 11:03

Ok, let me know when it will be ready

Mamor 17 Aug 2023, 13:36

Hi Fred,

I hope you’re well?

I’m back to tell you it’s all good, you can intervene.

The problem is that when I apply changes to the category with creative element, it doesn’t apply!

Ex: Example category id 22 > Description > Creative element > The page is done but when I want to see the changes on the category nothing appears.

I’ve encountered another problem with products with declinations: when I change declination, the image becomes very small and the thumbnails disappear, so there must be an accounting problem.

Product with declination: Catalog > Products > ID: 594

You can find the template in Creative element > Content anywhere > Product page

Thanks for your help.

Mamor 21 Aug 2023, 16:11

Hello Fred,

Did you have time to take a look at the problems?

Fred 21 Aug 2023, 16:21

Sorry, I missed your message. Going to check that today

Mamor 21 Aug 2023, 17:02

Okay, thx !

Fred 21 Aug 2023, 18:25

Sorry, but I can’t login, something wrong with email https://take.ms/jqDlJ

Mamor 21 Aug 2023, 19:25

You dont have to put _aikini same the same goes for the password (these are the login details for the first connection, so don’t take the _ and what’s after it).

Mamor 22 Aug 2023, 08:32

Hello Fred,

Did you successfully connect?

Fred 22 Aug 2023, 13:39

Yes, I can connect now.
I think I know the reason of the issue with categories. As I can see you have selected custom template for category page, and there is no description, try to add description there to be able to edit it in Creative Elements

Mamor 22 Aug 2023, 13:59

Hi again,

It was missing, but I put it back and it’s still causing the same problem. The creative page appears in the category but does not load in the front.

Category ID: 22

Fred 22 Aug 2023, 19:30

Try to enable Native layout when you want to edit category layout → https://take.ms/CNrdW

Mamor 22 Aug 2023, 20:45

Hello again Fred,

The problem is not that you can edit the category, but that the changes do not apply to the category.

When I edit the category with creative element, they don’t appear on the front.

I’ve made a video to show you the problem, which you should have received by now.

Fred 22 Aug 2023, 23:14

Yes, I see now. Maybe that’s some kind of incompatibility with Pro version of Elementor. Need more time on investigation

Mamor 23 Aug 2023, 13:03

Hello again Fred,

No worries! Ideally, it should work with the “displaycategorypagebuild” so that I can build categories with creative without having the constraints of the native.

Thanks again for the help and have a nice day.

Fred 23 Aug 2023, 19:39

Thank you for understanding. But we are going to investigate what’s wrong there and make it work

Mamor 28 Aug 2023, 09:39

Hello Fred,

I’m coming back to you for having news about the bug resolution. Have you had a moment to take a look?

Fred 28 Aug 2023, 19:30

Have you considered reinstalling Prestashop?

Mamor 28 Aug 2023, 19:33

Absolutely not, and you mustn’t do it! We’ve worked too hard on it, and it’s simply unthinkable that we’d have to do it all over again. We’ve got a deadline to meet before we go live!

But the problem is so complex?

Fred 28 Aug 2023, 20:13

I’m sorry, that was a comment to another ticket

Fred 28 Aug 2023, 20:14

There is still no news regarding “displaycategorypagebuild” issue

Mamor 28 Aug 2023, 21:20

Good, you scared me! I hope we’ll be able to resolve this problem quickly, as it’s holding us up!

Have a nice evening!

Fred 28 Aug 2023, 21:57

Yes, sorry, sometimes it happens
Have a nice evening!

Mamor 04 Sep 2023, 16:04

Hello Fred,

I hope you are well?

I’ll get back to you to see if you could make any progress on the problem?

Fred 04 Sep 2023, 19:56

Please make sure you have enabled Category Description
1. Go to Theme Settings → Category Page and select Native Layout. Save
2. Find Category Description option and enable it if needed
3. Switch back to your elementor template

Mamor 05 Sep 2023, 17:22

Hello Fred,

I followed your advice but it didn’t change anything!

The problem persists, nothing is displayed!

Fred 05 Sep 2023, 18:29

But I see category description for example here https://prod.lora-moi.ch/fr/21-bijoux-homme

Mamor 06 Sep 2023, 07:38

Yes, this is completely normal since it’s a text with an image that goes through the standard text of Prestashop and not through Creative Element > These are the old texts that were put back on the new shop without formatting with Creative Element.

If I go to the category and click edit with Creative Element and then save it, you will no longer see the text.

The problem arises because the modifications made with Creative Element are not acknowledged on your theme (Creative Element has actually confirmed this to me).

We now need to resolve the issue so that we can modify the categories using Creative Element.

Mamor 06 Sep 2023, 07:47

You can review this url: https://prod.lora-moi.ch/fr/21-bijoux-homme

You can’t see anything because I applied the formatting with creative element.

There’s clearly a hook and display problem between your theme and creative element.

Fred 06 Sep 2023, 17:12

“The problem arises because the modifications made with Creative Element are not acknowledged on your theme”, ok but would be great to have a suggestion how it should be acknowledged by the theme. Can’t CE developers give you more information?

Mamor 07 Sep 2023, 08:12

I’ve reached out to the CE team to see if they can provide more clarity on the issue where theme modifications aren’t being recognized. Just to emphasize, this particular bug is posing significant challenges for us, especially since it’s appearing on a store that we’re currently migrating. This is stalling our progress. Have you encountered similar issues in the past? It’s crucial for us to address this promptly to ensure the migration goes smoothly.

Mamor 07 Sep 2023, 11:29

Hello again,

Upon closer inspection of the issue, I noticed that when I set the categories to the native display, the modifications appear in the category. However, they override everything, resulting in a very odd layout, but Creative Element functions.

When I switch back to the “DisplayCategoryPagebuild” Hook, everything vanishes — both the category text and the Creative Element content.

▶️ The issue then seems to stem from the “category description” block, which fails to link the category description to the frontend.

If I use another product description block, the text appears.

From this, we can deduce that the problem lies in either a missing button in Creative Element to display the description or a malfunctioning description button.

I hope this information helps.

PS: It’s pointless to suggest setting the category to native, as we’ve always used Creative Element to modify our categories, even in the previous version.

Mamor 07 Sep 2023, 15:50

Here is creative’s answer to this question : Please note that the category page builder is an Alysum developed feature, and unfortunately we don’t have the capacity to build compatibility with every theme that has our module built in. Basically, theme developers should take care that there is no conflict in case of upgrades or using the Pro version of our module with their features.
I set this in Promokit > Theme Settings > Category: Default (Native theme layout). Please note that our module can only edit the category description, which is the top description on every product page. This is why you can see the design is distorted. We are actually working on the complete category page builder right now, which is expected to be released in 1-2 months, so you’ll be able to edit your category page template with our module.

The bug may therefore be due to the fact that I’ve updated it and there’s a conflict.

However, when I switch to “displaycategorypagebuilder”, both the text and the changes made with creative are not taken into account.

The only time it works is in native mode, but it’s impossible to modify the category, which is very problematic because, as I said earlier, categories must be modifiable with creative.

Fred 07 Sep 2023, 16:43

Hi, Mamor.
Thank you for detailed answer.
I’m trying to understand what does that mean

"Please note that our module can only edit the category description, 
which is the top description on every product page. 
This is why you can see the design is distorted". 

If you have an idea please let me know. I’m keep trying to make it work properly.
As I can see, the problem is that one Elementor template is loading inside another one and that makes a mess…

Mamor 07 Sep 2023, 16:55

Hello Fred,

No problem, as long as it helps you.

“Please note that our module can only edit the category description,
which is the top description on every product page.
This is why you can see the design is distorted”.

My understanding is:When you want to change the description with creative element in native mode, it only changes the “description” block, which means that if you activate the filter, etc., the design you’ve built with creative element comes to stand in front of the other elements and gives a bizarre and unreadable rendering (because it’s not possible to modify the other static blocks in native mode).

Fred 07 Sep 2023, 17:15

So as I understood they confirmed it’s not possible to display one template in another.
I’ll try to find a workaround

Mamor 07 Sep 2023, 17:29

Agreed! I don’t quite understand

But the little I understood, feel free to correct me, so why does it work on product sheets? Because it shouldn’t? Maybe we’re using the “displayproductbuilder”?

Fred 07 Sep 2023, 20:46

Thank you for the suggestion, I forgot about product page. That could be a key

Fred 10 Sep 2023, 10:48

That no so easy issue as we expected. Keep working on that

Mamor 10 Sep 2023, 10:58

Hello Fred,

I sincerely hope you’ll find a solution.

Have a nice day and best regards.

Mamor 15 Sep 2023, 10:14

Hello Fred,

I’m reaching back out to you regarding the issue with the categories.

Have you been able to find a solution? Our migration is progressing well, and I’ll soon be moving on to the category section.

In the meantime, I can start building the landing pages using the saved templates in Creative Element while we wait for a solution.

Ideally, we’d like everything to be completed by the end of September so that we can conduct a final check before going live(it has to be online before the end-of-year sales).

If you cannot find a solution to the problems, we’ll need to find a viable alternative so that we can modify the category descriptions with Creative Element.

The issue is that with the default template, the filters appear on the left column and not as a button. When using Creative, one doesn’t overlay the other, making the page unreadable.

Additionally, the images for the categories don’t resemble the current ones at all. That’s why I’m emphasizing the importance of having a customized page.

Thank you for your response and have a great day.

Fred 15 Sep 2023, 10:42

Sorry for such a long waiting. For now there is no solution yet. But the issue has high priority and we are working on that all free time

Mamor 15 Sep 2023, 19:48

Thanks for your reply.

I completely understand the situation and I thank you for your involvement.

As I said, I can already create the model pages while you find a solution.

Ideally, we really need to find a solution before the end of September, as that’s our deadline for moving on to the final revision phase.

In any case, don’t hesitate to keep me informed of the situation so that I can adapt and find a solution.
Have a nice evening.

Fred 16 Sep 2023, 21:37

Hi, Mamor.
Please check it out now, it should be fixed
UPDATE: For some reason you have “TETSTSST” in description and I can’t find where it comes from. I have’t add that text, so I assume you could know where to remove or change it

Mamor 17 Sep 2023, 14:32

Hello Fred,

Thank you for your message.

The text “testest” is the one I entered using the Prestashop editor to remove it. You just need to click on “< return to Prestashop editor” (see screenshot bo1) in the BO (Back Office) and there, you can enter the desired text using Prestashop’s basic editor.

Regarding the bug resolution: Indeed, the text does appear as it should, BUT when I try to display a layout from Creative Element, I can’t see anything.

One thing puzzles me: when I click on “Edit with Creative Elements,” it takes me to the editing page, and when I want a preview of my changes, I get a page showing my edits but nothing else (see screenshot bo2). Given that it should also display the category I am working on!

To give an example, when I use Creative Element on a product page and want a preview of what I’ve done, I see the entire product page. In the 1.6 version, when I modify a category with Creative and want a preview, I can also see the relevant category along with my edits.

It’s as if Creative can’t associate the category, like it doesn’t have a proper HOOK.


BO screens.zip (50.9 KiB)
Fred 17 Sep 2023, 14:41
Mamor 17 Sep 2023, 14:59

The site you’re showing me is the current 1.6 site.

It must work on the new version in production, which is the following: https://prod.lora-moi.ch/fr/22-bijoux-femme

But it seems to work :), that’s great! I’ll check it out

Mamor 17 Sep 2023, 15:03

It appears but when I modify, it keeps the old one and doesn’t update the modifications. Here the link : https://prod.lora-moi.ch/fr/22-bijoux-femme

Fred 17 Sep 2023, 16:16

1. just copy “/modules/pkelements” frolder to your production store
2. Try to clear cache

Mamor 17 Sep 2023, 16:19

Do I have to go to the production site to find “modules/pkelements” and copy it to the preprod site? Is that it? Because I didn’t quite understand

Fred 17 Sep 2023, 16:19

just copy module folder from working store to your prod

Mamor 17 Sep 2023, 16:22

I don’t understand because the site under construction (redesign) has nothing to do with the one currently online. It’s totally 2 different things.

On version 1.6, which is online, everything works.

Mamor 17 Sep 2023, 17:02

I dont have “pkelements” on working store, I have just the folder in the prod store(1.8).

Mamor 17 Sep 2023, 17:06

I’ve just realized that I’m in the wrong category and that I wasn’t on the right one…

I apologize for the error, but everything seems to be working fine! Thank you very much for your investment and patience.

Fred 17 Sep 2023, 21:38

You are welcome!