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  • Open Date: 11.08.23, 11:28
  • Opened by: Cesare Cinelli
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Ticket #24882 - Compatibility problem with addons

Good morning,
I bought a plugin that allows the user to request a quote for a product.
The module doesn’t work properly and the developer I contacted for support replied this:

Please view my attachment. You are using Creative Elements free version, so it does not allow load other module into any positions of theme. Please ask your theme developer load displayTop hook of askforaquotemodul module into this position. Thanks.

Can you do as requested please?
Thank you very much



Fred 12 Aug 2023, 05:37

Hi, Cesare Cinelli.
We have our own widget Prestashop Module, that allows to add other modules to a page, try to use it

Cesare Cinelli 13 Aug 2023, 10:34

Could you tell me where to find and how to use this form? Is there any documentation?
Thank you

Fred 13 Aug 2023, 11:36

Just use search to find it, like this https://take.ms/xvphL

Cesare Cinelli 14 Aug 2023, 10:01

I can’t test the widget you indicated to me because I have another problem, if I go to Creative Elements⇒ content everywhere ⇒ header and click on Creative Elements nothing happens…it doesn’t load Elementor.
The same goes for the home page and the footer.
Can you intervene urgently please? So we are stuck.
Thank you

Fred 14 Aug 2023, 11:30

Please try to edit those templates directly from Creative Elements module → https://take.ms/XyiFa

Cesare Cinelli 14 Aug 2023, 11:38

ok but it should also work in content everywhere.
Also because if I access from where you told me (saved templates) it doesn’t let me choose the language.
How do I access the English version of the home for example?

Cesare Cinelli 14 Aug 2023, 11:51

if I click on content anywhere⇒home⇒ Italian (or English) I get the warning you see in the attachment “the preview cannot be loaded”


Fred 14 Aug 2023, 13:03

Yes, I see.
But it was working fine before, I assume. Because you have created layout. What changes you did before it stopped working?

Cesare Cinelli 14 Aug 2023, 14:39

I haven’t made any changes, it used to do it before sometimes, sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn’t…now it won’t let me log in anymore but it never worked right. I ask you to please investigate.

Fred 14 Aug 2023, 15:25

It’s in progress

Fred 14 Aug 2023, 18:27

We spent a lot of time and get no any results. The only option I still have is to update the theme to the latest version. Can you perform that?
We also tested the theme out locally installed from scratch and also the theme installed in our demo, and everything works fine, so the issue seems appear on your website only.

Cesare Cinelli 15 Aug 2023, 12:01

You have used the Modules widget, I told you in my previous answer to use the Prestashop widget module (the one next to the video), which allows you to add widgets to the page. The theme developer says it works the same way.

Cesare Cinelli 15 Aug 2023, 12:05

Sorry the previous message was for the developer of the addon.
Below is my answer to you:
OK, I can try to update it but I bought the theme and the theme should work. If not, you should tell me why. Otherwise I ask you to refund me because the product must work properly. I didn’t do anything, not even an update of the Prestashop core.
How do I update the theme? Show me exactly the steps

Fred 15 Aug 2023, 13:17

You are right, but as I wrote you before we performed tests once more, despite a lot of testing before every release, and we didn’t find that problem. Moreover, everything works fine for other customers.
You can find update tutorial here https://alysum.promokit.eu/promokit/documentation/#theme_update

Cesare Cinelli 15 Aug 2023, 17:07

I’m sorry but you say that everything works correctly, I can only see that the theme does not work and that you are not solving my problem. If I buy a car that doesn’t work properly, the person who sold it to me can’t tell me that the other car work fine.
I see that the theme is not working and that’s it.
I’ll try to update it tomorrow but if the update doesn’t solve the problem and you don’t even ask for a refund. I purchased the theme and it should work properly. It seems to me the minimum since I paid for it and wasted time installing and configuring it.

Cesare Cinelli 16 Aug 2023, 07:48

Anyway, the developer of the addon answered me this:

Prestashop Widget Module = Modules in Prestashop Core. Does not include any external modules. You can ask your theme or developer to show our module in Header Top, yes?

You can do it?

Fred 16 Aug 2023, 10:14

I assume that’s because that module doesn’t support native Prestashop widget system to let that module put in any place. Official docs: https://devdocs.prestashop-project.org/8/modules/concepts/widgets/

But if it’s so hard, I can put “headerTop” hook to any place you want

Cesare Cinelli 16 Aug 2023, 15:17

We have been working with Prestashop for years, we are not beginners.

1) regarding the update you suggested, I followed the instructions in your guide to do it many time and it returned the error you find attached (see error-update-1).
I’ve tried both automatic and manual updates.
If I look at the site after the update the layout is broken (see error-update-2 and error-update-3).

2) Anyway, the update did not fix the error that prevents you from uploading creative elements(”preview could not be loaded” in content everywhere).
On the other hand I saw that this error had already occurred (see Ticket #21766).
So it’s not the first time this error occurs.
I also tried disabling non-native modules (those not included in the theme) and the problem doesn’t change.

3) Regarding your offer “But if it’s so hard, I can put “headerTop” hook to any place you want”, widget developer ask me this: “Please ask your theme developer load displayTop hook of askforaquotemodul module into this position. Thanks.” (see ask-a-quote-problem-1 attachment)

I ask you to resolve as soon as possible otherwise we will ask for a refund of the theme. You are the developer of the theme, you are the one who has to find the problem and fix it. Telling me you can’t find it is not acceptable. If you sell a product this product has to work.

Fred 16 Aug 2023, 23:10

1. don’t use “Pro” widget, use our own → https://take.ms/7zEev

2. as for thew update, I don’t see any references to the theme or module files, there are only references to cache.
3. As for the hook, please show me on a screenshot where do you want to display your module, I’ll add the hook in that place

Cesare Cinelli 17 Aug 2023, 08:58

Maybe we didn’t understand each other:
1) I kindly ask you to update the theme yourself and check if the layout is not broken
2) the creative elements in content everywhere page builder doesn’t work (”preview could not be loaded” ). It must work!
3) regarding the put “displayTop” hook after Cart ico.
I look forward to feedback.
Thanks you

Fred 17 Aug 2023, 19:05

Please confirm you have a backup in case something will go wrong after update, to let me start

Cesare Cinelli 18 Aug 2023, 10:05

I can confirm that we just made a backup.

Fred 19 Aug 2023, 10:16

1. Update is done with no problem and extra actions, everything just works after cache clearing
2. CE Editor works fine
3. Hooks is added into the file /modules/pkelements/views/templates/pkcart.tpl, feel free to move it to any other place you want

Cesare Cinelli 20 Aug 2023, 10:35

thanks but a problem remains: in the header the cart icon is shown 2 times (see the attachment).
Can you fix please?
Thank you


Fred 20 Aug 2023, 11:47

I guess that s because of that hook you asked to add, which is not a part of the theme