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  • Open Date: 17.08.23, 13:09
  • Opened by: John Smith

Ticket #24886 - Home Page can't be modified

I selected my home and my footer, but the default one cannot be removed




John Smith 17 Aug 2023, 13:10

Can u just explain me how to remove the default one,

Best regards

Fred 17 Aug 2023, 13:30

Hi, John Smith.
Use Theme Settings module to assign templates to your pages

John Smith 17 Aug 2023, 15:12

Hello, thanks u very much i found it
Last more question, there is not a registeration form, can u please tell me where i can enable it.
pic: https://ibb.co/P46Swmm

Best regards

John Smith 17 Aug 2023, 15:22

As u can see title products in the widget on the left side are too much long, can we fixe it ?
pic: https://ibb.co/0tVcjHX Best regards

Fred 17 Aug 2023, 17:24

Please update credentials in your profile https://support.promokit.eu/myprofile to access to your Back-office and FTP Server to let me check out why it’s missed

John Smith 17 Aug 2023, 17:57

Hello, updated, we can you please provide me, your IP for cloud flare, best regards

John Smith 17 Aug 2023, 17:59

We don’t have build sub menu option like in the documentation video.

Best regards


Fred 17 Aug 2023, 18:17

That video is outdated a bit. Noe you can create a template in Creative Elements and assign it in the menu item settings

John Smith 17 Aug 2023, 19:26

Hello, we don’t have FTP, you should be able to fix issues without it for the moment, i have turned clouflare off please tell me when you are done,

Best regards

John Smith 18 Aug 2023, 11:23

Hello, any news today ?

John Smith 18 Aug 2023, 17:22

Hello can you sent me new documentation for making the new menu.

Best regards

Fred 18 Aug 2023, 21:18

menu tutorial has been updated https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F1DBRSYLLjY&t=3s

John Smith 21 Aug 2023, 16:40

Hello, thanks for the reply, i will made it

We got and issues from Catégories link sub categories dosen’t no appear : https://ibb.co/3kLDL6d

Best regards

Fred 21 Aug 2023, 17:53

1. please check out widget settings
2. please make sure you have added categories images in the categories settings

John Smith 23 Aug 2023, 16:27

Hello, thanks for your reply.

We don’t want the categories pictures appear, how we disable it ?

Where we can change widget settings ?

Best regards

John Smith 23 Aug 2023, 17:11

I would like to disable mobile version, and only use desktop and tablette version, how can i disable mobile version.

Like this one: https://ibb.co/bPv67st and not like this : https://ibb.co/Bncdjwd

Best regards

Fred 23 Aug 2023, 19:34

1. Do you mean subcategories images? If so, go to Theme Settings → Category Page and disable it
2. Go to modules, find AMP and disable it

John Smith 25 Aug 2023, 19:20

Hello,thanks for reply, for step 1 ok
for step 2 When my customers connect to the site from a phone, I would like it to display only the tablet version and not the mobile version.

Best regards

Fred 26 Aug 2023, 19:30

But what is Tablet version? We have only Mobile and Desktop

John Smith 29 Aug 2023, 18:06

Hello, from Creative Elements, i would like to disable responsive on Phone, and left only Tablet and Desktop.

Best regards

Fred 29 Aug 2023, 18:29

As I can see there is no such option

John Smith 29 Aug 2023, 18:41

There is some explaination here : https://stackoverflow.com/questions/48878771/i-want-my-web-page-to-scale-down-only-on-desktop-tablet-but-not-on-mobile-devi

can you please provide me the working css?

Best regards

Fred 29 Aug 2023, 18:59

But there is no solution how to disable mobile version. It’s deeply hardcoded and I have no idea how change that