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Ticket #24890 - Form Builder Pro problem on AMP


I have a small problem, I use the “Form Builder Pro” plugin, I’ve created a specific “Contact” page where I’ve added the hook with the Elementor “Short Code” module. It works fine on desktop but not on mobile AMP. It just displays the code… (see attached screenshot)
How can I fix this problem?

Thanks a lot


amp-problem.png (307.1 KiB)


Fred 23 Aug 2023, 19:37

Hi, Anne Roinat-Murry.
By default, any third-party module is not compatible with AMP. We have “AMPified” all PrestaShop pages and our own modules, and if you want to have some module work in AMP, it must be “AMPified” as well.

Anne Roinat-Murry 24 Aug 2023, 09:15

Hi Fred,

Thanks for your answer !

Okay but is there an AMP-compatible module in your theme? Because even your “contact form” module in Promokit General doesn’t work… Do you have a simpler solution for displaying a contact form?

Fred 24 Aug 2023, 09:45

AMP has beed developed by Google with the main goal - great performance. It has unique markup, and that’s why nothing is compatible with AMP by default.
We did great job to make native Prestashop modules work with AMP, and every other module must also be “AMPified”.
As for the contact form issue, we will take a look. Back to you with some news soon.

Anne Roinat-Murry 25 Aug 2023, 14:42

Hello Fred,

Okay thanks for your answer, i look forward to hearing from you !

Fred 27 Aug 2023, 22:03

Sorry for the delay.
Where I can find our Contact Form? Because I see only this custom one https://coquillette.agence-ailleurs-preprod.fr/page/10-contact

Anne Roinat-Murry 28 Aug 2023, 09:10


You can find here : https://co-quillette.fr/page/10-contact

I have updated the domain. I can’t edit it in your BO support… the back office address, password and login remain unchanged


Fred 28 Aug 2023, 20:44

But that’s custom contact form, not ours. And as I can see it works https://take.ms/QShgo

Anne Roinat-Murry 29 Aug 2023, 10:13

Yes on desktop it works but not on AMP. I understood that the modules had to be adapted to AMP technology. But the problem is that no form is displayed with Elementor, even if I use your module (see attached screenshots). In the screenshots, I’ve tried to include all the existing modules for the contact form. To sum up my problem, I have no way of having a contact form on my mobile site…

Fred 29 Aug 2023, 22:11

AMP is unable to display pages that are constructed using Elementor. AMP display native prestashop pages layout instead. That’s because Elementor layouts are too complicated for mobile devices, and the main goal of AMP is performance.
AMP contact page is here https://coquillette.agence-ailleurs-preprod.fr/module/pkamp/contact and as I can see it works fine https://take.ms/10WYn

Anne Roinat-Murry 07 Sep 2023, 08:04

Hello Fred, ok thanks for your answer ! I’ll use this url

I had another question for you. I also have a problem with the Instagram module… I have the impression that it doesn’t reload the token at all. The images on my Instagram don’t appear (see screenshot). I have to go into the module and reload the token myself to solve this problem. Do you have another solution?


screen-insta.png (117.1 KiB)
Fred 07 Sep 2023, 16:21

Hi, Anne Roinat-Murry.
Yes, we have another two Instagram widgets in the Creative Elements Editor, try to search and use one. They are not required any API keys