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  • Open Date: 02.09.23, 17:17
  • Opened by: Giuseppe De Cunzo

Ticket #24899 - Mobile menu display problems in the GB English version of the site

Good morning,
I’m having display problems with the Promokit Menu.

More precisely, the categories menu, from the mobile version, shows categories written in uppercase and categories written in lowercase.

The menu, on the other hand, has been set to all capital letters.

In the Italian version of the site I see it correctly, the error appears only in the GB version (English).

Can you help me solve the problem?

Thank you


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Fred 03 Sep 2023, 21:55

Hi, Giuseppe De Cunzo.
Back office link is wrong.
FTP credentials are also wrong. Please update and let me know

Giuseppe De Cunzo 06 Sep 2023, 23:43

Your login details have been updated.

Thank you

Fred 07 Sep 2023, 16:26

sorry, but nothing works for me. Please take a look at this screenshot https://take.ms/XKkpy

Giuseppe De Cunzo 09 Sep 2023, 11:28

Hi sorry,
try now with new link please.

Thank you in advance.

Fred 09 Sep 2023, 22:51

please check back office link I still see it the same as before. it’s not updated I guess

Giuseppe De Cunzo 11 Sep 2023, 21:59

I can get in.

Please try clicking at the bottom of the page as shown in the screenshot.


3.jpg (209.9 KiB)
Fred 13 Sep 2023, 09:25

There is no such page, only this https://take.ms/Zp4Hr

Giuseppe De Cunzo 13 Sep 2023, 12:35

I tried with multiple browsers, from a mobile phone, in private mode and in every way the link takes me to the prestashop page which I send you in the screenshot.

Try clearing your cache.


3.jpg (211.7 KiB)
Fred 13 Sep 2023, 16:34

Please check out my video, I used Incognito mode to avoid cache issue https://take.ms/YUoep

Giuseppe De Cunzo 13 Sep 2023, 17:35

I changed the login URL.

Try with the new data. It works correctly for me. Is very strange .

Let me know if the new link works.

Fred 16 Sep 2023, 12:54

Still have the same https://take.ms/7skwR