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Ticket #24900 - Promokit extended product - issues


1- I have problems with the promokit extended product. I can set up an image and a custom text, but when I paste a link in the “custom link” field, an error appears :
- On the frontend, if I try clicking on the image, it creates a 404 page. Looking at the inspector, the “href” of the “<a>” element indicates : “href=”Array”“. (see screenshot : “front-link-issue.png”)
- On the backend, if I reload the page, the custom link field appears empty. (”backoffice-extended-product.png”)

2- The other issue I have with this module is the fact that the “custom products” created as banners appear on several locations :
- on the related products section, on a product page (”related-products.png”)
- on the featured products (”featured-products.png”)

I send you screenshots for all that.

3- The last thing is more of a question, is there a way to enable html on the “custom text” part ? I would have liked to be able to have something like a subtitle (see screenshots : “html.png” and “html-front.png”).

Thank you for your answers on those issues.

Best regards !


Fred 05 Sep 2023, 18:36

Hi, Cédric Limousin.
for some reason I see your website like this: https://take.ms/HFZm5

Cédric Limousin 06 Sep 2023, 09:23

Oh that’s weird… Could be because of maintenance mode, I desactivated it. We tested on safari here and see no such issue, can you try again ?

Best regards

Fred 06 Sep 2023, 17:07

yes, it works weird for me. I can open a page for 1 minute, but then I have something like this https://take.ms/SSfq4 even in private mode

Cédric Limousin 08 Sep 2023, 09:20


Can you give me your IP address so that we can check on our end ?

We tested on safari here without problem.

Best regards

Fred 08 Sep 2023, 09:27

Cédric Limousin 12 Sep 2023, 10:38


Can you try again ? And also with a different navigator ?

We can’t reproduce the issue and your ip isn’t banned or anything.

Fred 12 Sep 2023, 22:33

I don’t know what’s going on. Never experienced such problem before.
I just tried to add a link to a product and was blocked again. I also tried to reproduce the issue locally, but everything works fine. I don’t know what to do

Cédric Limousin 13 Sep 2023, 12:16

Did you try with Google Chrome for instance ?

Fred 13 Sep 2023, 16:44

There is no any difference https://take.ms/B59Yi

Cédric Limousin 14 Sep 2023, 10:11

Your IP is now whitelisted, could you check again ? Sorry for the inconvenience.

Fred 14 Sep 2023, 16:54

It seems it works now. But what is the path to the store? I can’t find it, there a a lot of directories

Cédric Limousin 14 Sep 2023, 16:56

Hello, you can check it here (this will be a big website indeed) : https://kidea.enjin.fr/10-espace-enfant-interieur

Fred 14 Sep 2023, 17:13

No, I mean the path to store on your server

Cédric Limousin 14 Sep 2023, 17:26

You have only access to the subfolder “kidea”, then you can check on the folder “themes” and “modules”. Otherwise I don’t see what your question is

Fred 14 Sep 2023, 19:44

I see a lot of directories there https://take.ms/S0KiC, can you give me a path to the theme?

Cédric Limousin 15 Sep 2023, 10:11

I think you’re not on our server, I send a screenshot on what you should see with the credentials provided on our profile. The folders on your screenshot aren’t ours…

Fred 15 Sep 2023, 16:04

That’s true. Sorry for that. That was another server with very similar IP. Hope to find a solution soon

Fred 16 Sep 2023, 12:47

1. The issue with broken link in promokit extended product is fixed, please check
2. I would suggest to create dedicated category for such kind of product, and remove then from “featured” products
3. It requires additional coding, we will try but I can’t promise

Cédric Limousin 18 Sep 2023, 09:30

Hello Fred,

1- Thanks for the broken link, it works fine now.
2- It could be a solution for featured products… but it doesn’t solve the issue that they also appear in featured products…like here : https://kidea.enjin.fr/accueil/20-54-pupitre-ecran-interactif.html#/1-taille-s/5-couleur-gris/26-nombre_de_jeux-acces_illimite_au_catalogue_390_ht_an on the bottom of the page, tab “Produits similaires” 3- Alright, thank you, please let me know :)

Fred 18 Sep 2023, 19:08

to hide a product, just assign it to “hidden” category https://take.ms/68t4y

Fred 18 Sep 2023, 19:20

Sorry, that’s not a solution…

Fred 18 Sep 2023, 21:04

Now it works https://take.ms/EO7cN

Cédric Limousin 19 Sep 2023, 09:23


I tried to do so on another “banner”, the product “Exclusivité” and it’s still visible here : https://kidea.enjin.fr/accueil/20-54-pupitre-ecran-interactif.html#/1-taille-s/5-couleur-gris/26-nombre_de_jeux-acces_illimite_au_catalogue_390_ht_an, could you please check ? Thank you

Fred 19 Sep 2023, 15:49

It seems just a cache issue. Please try to check that in incognito mode

Cédric Limousin 21 Sep 2023, 09:26

Indeed it is working in private mode, thank you. Could you let me know about the last question (n°3) if you manage to do this coding ?

Cédric Limousin 28 Sep 2023, 11:36


I have an issue with the “hidden” category you created… It is displayed on the homepage on the subcategories module (see screenshot). Can you hide it from the list of the subcategories of that module ?

Thank you in advance for the support


Fred 28 Sep 2023, 18:56

Sorry I missed that. There is no fast solution. It requires some time to implement. I can’t promise you we can do that in nearest time, sorry.

Cédric Limousin 29 Sep 2023, 09:25

Alright don’t worry about that request, I’ll just tell my client he can’t do that for now.
Could you rather have a look at my issue just below ? That is more worrying.

Best regards

Fred 29 Sep 2023, 14:29

Just disable that category: https://take.ms/TBFio

Cédric Limousin 29 Sep 2023, 14:30

Simple indeed, thank you Fred !

Fred 29 Sep 2023, 14:33

You are welcome!