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Ticket #24906 - Instagram module installed correctly but display issue

I successfully installed the Instagram module on my homepage.
It was working fine until I posted new photos on my Instagram, which disrupted my homepage.
The photos have now disappeared, leaving only a blue frame.
When I click on it, I am redirected to my Instagram page, but there is no visual on my website’s homepage anymore.

I am using the ALYSUM 8.2.0 theme and PrestaShop 8.0.4

Thank you.


Kathleen BELLONDE 08 Sep 2023, 14:27

I managed to put my Instagram posts back on the Instagram module on my homepage by creating a new application on Meta for Developers. I see that the ‘Instagram App token Expires at’ is in November. How can I extend or reactivate it once it expires?

Fred 08 Sep 2023, 16:43

Hi, Kathleen BELLONDE.
For now there is no option ti extend it automatically. But we have another two Instagram widgets which works without API keys. You can try them

Kathleen BELLONDE 12 Sep 2023, 09:29

Thank you, but I am facing an issue with the Instagram module again. I’ve had a new license for 2 days. Initially, everything was working fine, but this morning when I logged into my site, the Instagram module bug. Some images are not displaying correctly (see photo). I haven’t made any changes. What should I do? Thank you.

Kathleen BELLONDE 12 Sep 2023, 09:59

Meanwhile, I tried to install the Instagram Scrapper module, and even following the video and saving the Account Setting tab as shown in the video, nothing happens. No photos are loading

Fred 12 Sep 2023, 22:37

as I can see it works https://take.ms/NjK9W or that’s another widget?

Kathleen BELLONDE 13 Sep 2023, 20:41

I changed to another widget and now it works. Thanks

Fred 13 Sep 2023, 21:24

You are welcome!