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Ticket #24910 - Menu SHOP restore

Good afternoon,
I would like to be able to have the menu (and then I will modify it) as it appears in your default template.
Can you please create it for me so I can modify and/or duplicate it?
Thank you!


menu-shop.jpg (441.6 KiB)


Fred 09 Sep 2023, 09:27

Hi, Olesya Stetska Dolgosh.
You already have it, it’s called menu-1.
If you need original one, just import attached file


menu-1.json (17 KiB)
Olesya Stetska Dolgosh 13 Sep 2023, 10:49

I just copied and pasted the file you provided me, because the original was deleted by mistake.

I get the following message:

“Imported config saved as “Custom” preset”

But I can’t find menu-1, could you help me?

I don’t know where to find the menu I sent you in the photo.

Thank you.

Fred 13 Sep 2023, 16:56

I just imported it for you and call it menu-1-original

Olesya Stetska Dolgosh 18 Sep 2023, 11:17

But how do I put the menu that you created “menu-1-original” where I have the menu? I attached an image so you can see it better.
I don’t see the option to put it in the menu.


menuhere.jpg (257.9 KiB)
where.jpg.jpg (321.7 KiB)
Fred 18 Sep 2023, 18:47

Just click on menu item and select that template from the list https://take.ms/j0REu

Olesya Stetska Dolgosh 19 Sep 2023, 10:30

I have managed to put it in but the “original menu 1” does not appear when I hover over it.
I also don’t know how to modify the photos and text of menu 1 Original, can you help me?
Thank you.


arrow.jpg (462.4 KiB)
Fred 21 Sep 2023, 10:26

I just created new menu item with that template and it seems to be working fine, please check

Olesya Stetska Dolgosh 28 Sep 2023, 11:58

Good morning,
Thank you for creating the original menu 1 for us.
We have already modified it to the name ‘Trading Card Games’ and it works perfectly (image attached).
Now we need to DUPLICATE that menu 5 times and we will have the entire menu finished.

Please Fred, could you duplicate this menu for me as you have done before?

I am in charge of modifying them and putting the appropriate name.

If you duplicate it and give me, for example, original menu 1, original menu 2, original menu 3, original menu 4, original menu 5, that’s enough.
I would do it myself but I don’t know how to do it.

Thanks for your time and help Fred!


menuok.jpg (579.7 KiB)
Fred 28 Sep 2023, 18:35

That’s pretty easy to achieve, just create a new template, then import there another template, like this: https://take.ms/pBYJm

Olesya Stetska Dolgosh 04 Oct 2023, 11:21

I GOT IT!!!! Thanks for the video, now yes!

Fred 04 Oct 2023, 11:24

You are welcome!