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Ticket #24923 - RGPD doesn't Show up on form

Hi, the GDPR checkbox doesn’t appear on contact page form even though GDPR button is activated in Creative Elements…
Do I have to manually code {hook h=’displayGDPRConsent’ moduleName=’contactform’} template contact_form.tpl ?

No information about forms in documentation.
Do I have to code to get new fields (with Creative Elements it should be easy to create new fields, but we have to pay again for pro version ?)

Thank you



Fred 15 Sep 2023, 12:02

Hi, Nicolas buttafoghi.
Try to reset GDPR module

Nicolas buttafoghi 15 Sep 2023, 13:15

Ok and what about the fields to create?

Nicolas buttafoghi 15 Sep 2023, 13:19

I reset RGPD module and it still doesn’t work…

Fred 16 Sep 2023, 11:45

Contact form widget has been updated and now it seems to work