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Ticket #24924 - error when I try to modify the page with creative element

I’m try to modify the page with the Creative element but when I click de modification button appear the message

Attempted to call an undefined method named “getImageSizes” of class “CE\WidgetPkproductAccessories”.
[Symfony\Component\Debug\Exception\UndefinedMethodException 0]

Can you check it

in attach some screen shoot


Fred 16 Sep 2023, 23:01

Hi, manifatture Bianchetti.
Please update credentials in your profile https://support.promokit.eu/myprofile to access to your Back-office and FTP Server

manifatture Bianchetti 16 Sep 2023, 23:17

information updated

manifatture Bianchetti 17 Sep 2023, 12:07

Any news? The problem should be fixed until Monday. Thank you so much.

Fred 17 Sep 2023, 14:28

Sorry, that wan a reply to another ticket…

The issue has to be fixed.
Updated file is /modules/pkelements/src/WidgetViewBase.php

manifatture Bianchetti 17 Sep 2023, 15:54

it’s doesn’t work

in attach the new error

please check it


Fred 17 Sep 2023, 16:19

I assume everything was working fine before. What happened that the issue appears?
As I can see for example pkelements module is updated partially. Try to download the latest version and update it

manifatture Bianchetti 17 Sep 2023, 17:08

I didn’t know, i was add and html box in the header section, and after saved the changes it start to getting this tipe of error.

I reinstall the pkelements module , but now disappear the sera box and account related button, and upper rider with the button for language … etc…

Can you check-it

Thank you so much

manifatture Bianchetti 17 Sep 2023, 17:17

when I try to re add the search box it ask for a licence

manifatture Bianchetti 17 Sep 2023, 17:55

now I restored I backup of two day ago, I have always the same problem

Fred 17 Sep 2023, 18:10

You are trying to add “pro” widget. Use our “Advanced Search” instead

manifatture Bianchetti 17 Sep 2023, 18:54

ok tank you for the assistance

Fred 17 Sep 2023, 19:34

You are welcome!