Ticket #24926 - Translations don't work

Hello! Many translations on the website do not work correctly (I attach images) but they are correctly placed in the translations,
I have saved again but they are not displayed. Can you look at it? Thank you!



Fred 18 Sep 2023, 18:42

Hi, Olesya Stetska Dolgosh.
I just changed translation with no problem https://take.ms/CPUUT

Olesya Stetska Dolgosh 19 Sep 2023, 09:42

Perfect, I was able to change the translations, now I do, thank you!

Olesya Stetska Dolgosh 19 Sep 2023, 11:08

One last thing on translations, where does the “per page” tag translate in categories?


page.jpg (29.1 KiB)