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  • Open Date: 27.09.23, 16:29
  • Opened by: Chloé MAHEO
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Ticket #24948 - Category description at the top of category page

Hello Fred

how to display the description of category at the top of each category page before products , example here for the cat croquettes : https://presta8.lacanau-ocean.fr/3-animaux : nothing !

old prestashop : https://www.verlina.com/3-animaux

I don’t see anything to build the page somewhere ….

Can you help ?



Chloé MAHEO 27 Sep 2023, 17:02

I found a code to display but how to not loose the code if theme update ?

Fred 27 Sep 2023, 21:06

Hi, Chloé MAHEO.
You can keep modified file as backup, or give it to me we will consider to add it into the theme

Chloé MAHEO 28 Sep 2023, 09:32

Hi Fred
here joint is the modified file …
there are 2 possibilities to show the description :
- just fill in a small description max 350 caracters to match google SEO ; ( I set the file for a full description )

- fill in a more long text with a “read more” link … but actualy the read more link click display the full text but also the short text in same time …
perhaps you can find a solution to fix it ..


Fred 28 Sep 2023, 18:57

That’s good solution, we will consider to add it to the theme, maybe with minor changes. But I advice you just to keep a backup of that file

Chloé MAHEO 06 Oct 2023, 11:39

hello Fred
we have some problems

To set with the product display :
- some of them need to have 4 tabs for all information How to get more ??? impossible to set new tabs into the module !!!!!

about the different weight of the product is it possible to display different because if there is a limit date of consummation the display is really out ! example here : https://presta8.lacanau-ocean.fr/friandises/1214-friandises-chien-toutes-tailles-a-la-volaille-uniq-dog.html

thanks for help


products .png (481.3 KiB)
Fred 07 Oct 2023, 11:39

The issue has been fixed. “Test” tab is added

Chloé MAHEO 08 Oct 2023, 11:04

OK THanks …I saw
but into the product file impossible to register a content of your new tabs !!!!

can you set the weight display for product ?
perhaps display each weight on a line not side by side ?

Thank you


Fred 09 Oct 2023, 11:22

you can edit the way of displaying as you need using CSS

Chloé MAHEO 09 Oct 2023, 12:09

I Know that , I saw also the file product_variant.tpl the but I don’t have an idea how to set this …
prehaps you can do something ?

About the new tabs do you have find why the filled text cannot be register ?

Thank you

Fred 09 Oct 2023, 18:17

1. We currently don’t have time to provide customisation service, sorry.
2. but I see a text inside custom tabs → https://take.ms/OLnkK or I’m wrong?

Chloé MAHEO 10 Oct 2023, 09:15

1. We currently don’t have time to provide customisation service, sorry.
but your theme design is to closed and cannot display all informations …
I saw somewhere that you do customisation … I can pay some Euros ? …

2. but I see a text inside custom tabs → https://take.ms/OLnkK or I’m wrong?

As I told you It’s when I want to add specific info for product that I cannot save ! the data actually into each tabs was filled in when I have created the Tabs into the module .

Fred 10 Oct 2023, 11:46

1. It’s not a question of money but time. You are trying to customise the view, right? Because by default it works fine. I hope I understood your problem correctly.
2. What specific info you are trying to add?

Chloé MAHEO 10 Oct 2023, 12:11

What specific info you are trying to add? it’s only for special product we need to add date information for pack is on short data consumption or exceeded

IF It’s more sample for you to modify something like the old website No problem we agree

Fred 10 Oct 2023, 12:46

but there is no such option neither in classic theme nor in our. You can only achieve that by customising theme source code

Chloé MAHEO 10 Oct 2023, 14:48

dis you test to fill in extras tabs into products ?

Fred 10 Oct 2023, 15:10

Do you mean you can’t save? Strange it worked fine before. need to check…

Chloé MAHEO 10 Oct 2023, 17:59

yes I can’t save when I want to fill in a text on a product

Fred 13 Oct 2023, 15:43

I just reset the module and it works now → https://take.ms/bfva4T

Chloé MAHEO 29 Oct 2023, 10:12

Hi Fred
always impossible to move on on the additionnals product tabs !

I have created 2 tabs into the module with a test text : That’s ok they are display everywhere
but when I edit the tabs into the product : https://presta8.lacanau-ocean.fr/admin726/index.php/sell/catalog/products/1494?_token=8nG_iROzZbs6oOVcys7yfV0isKFkWSkW9oqTVM7zIw8#tab-hooks I add the text , nothing change it’s just the test text ! see here : https://presta8.lacanau-ocean.fr/weego/1481-weego-croquettes-pour-chien-adulte-au-poulet-avec-carotte-et-riz.html

Other question do you know somebody that know very well your theme and able to finalize small customisation?


Chloé MAHEO 31 Oct 2023, 17:09

hi fred are you on holidays ?

Fred 31 Oct 2023, 17:13

Sorry for the delay. Hope to back to you with a solution soon.

Fred 01 Nov 2023, 21:23

I don't know why, but I just updated those tabs with no problem https://take.ms/iNgMO

Chloé MAHEO 02 Nov 2023, 10:30

hello FRed that's bizarre ! but it seem working now ….

A question concerning the title of products list : https://presta8.lacanau-ocean.fr/156-weego
where I can set the title caracters number because too short exemple here : https://www.verlina.com/156-weego ?
Idem for Prices in France the prices are after the product title … where I can do that

Do you have information about this : Other question do you know somebody that know very well your theme and able to finalize small customisation?

Fred 02 Nov 2023, 23:25

Open the file


find the line 178


and change truncate parameter "45"

Fred 02 Nov 2023, 23:27

We can try to help you with customisation.
Please provide more details, what do you want to do

Chloé MAHEO 03 Nov 2023, 09:01

OK for the title caracters number and Price under the title : I done

the principal customisation we need is to set the displaying of weight of products that are to small and bordered ( product variants title ) , we can't add more informations …
can you see to change, delete the framing and put each on a line like the original verlina or something for a good displaying ?
see the difference on the 2 pictures joint

Fred 05 Nov 2023, 11:49

Just go to Attributes list in your back office and set Radio button (or try other options) for weight attribute https://take.ms/BsD9Pb

Chloé MAHEO 06 Nov 2023, 11:45

YEAH!!! that's is better now !

Thanks a lot!

Fred 06 Nov 2023, 11:51

You are welcome!

Chloé MAHEO 10 Nov 2023, 15:12

finaly it was to simple ! :(
i'm very sorry but the client would like to get them always displayed each on other ( not into a choice list)

ARe you able to find a solution ?

Fred 12 Nov 2023, 09:39

Try different options here https://monosnap.com/file/zseDidb7Qbn4sO6IwsKT5fi3BDGRSi we don't have extra views that those

Chloé MAHEO 13 Nov 2023, 15:22

that's the raison I ask you for customisation ! :)

Another question please about Menu example animaux : how to set a nice catecories tree clear : cat > undercat >
I don't see actualy into the menu how to do that

thank you

Chloé MAHEO 17 Nov 2023, 15:36

Hello about the product variant
how I can add a small icon to show visitors that they can choose ??? see the picture joint ?

Thank you


Fred 20 Nov 2023, 11:49

1. I just added menu item as an example how to add submenus
2. As I can see you already have an icon
3. Do you still need help with customisation?

Chloé MAHEO 20 Nov 2023, 18:23

HI Fred
. I just added menu item as an example how to add submenus ??? Where ?

Chloé MAHEO 21 Nov 2023, 08:56

AH Ok I see now … But it's not very easy to select a line because for exemple under chrome it's changing to fast the submenu …

For this moment I don't need more customisation … perhaps the theme under mobile and tablett but where are the file,

Fred 21 Nov 2023, 12:14

You are welcome!

Chloé MAHEO 04 Dec 2023, 17:34

Hello FRed
the client came back to me for 2 points
- They found that the submenu are very fast and instable !!! is it possible to get more slow to open and more stable or open whith a click ? most of their client are old and they have a little difficult with the submenu

- into menu builder how to set the menu "blog" to open under new tab or new window ?

thank you

Fred 05 Dec 2023, 11:02

1. I have removed animation on "hide" event. Updated file is /themes/venedor/assets/js/venedor.js
2. There is no such option. It's possible to add by customising menu template code

Chloé MAHEO 05 Dec 2023, 11:35

on the point 2 you are talking about the menu to open to new windows ?
2. There is no such option. It's possible to add by customising menu template code

Can you give me more information to do that ?

Chloé MAHEO 05 Dec 2023, 11:43

ANother one on the checkout page
for always old people
can you make the checkout code place always open ? see picture

thank you


Fred 05 Dec 2023, 21:32

2. there is just no option to open link in a new tab/window
3. Open this file


find the line

<div class="promo-code collapse{if $cart.discou....

and remove "collapse" class like this

<div class="promo-code{if $cart.discounts|c