Ticket #24971 - Add to cart does nothing for specific client

Yesterday came upon a new problem. A client first registered and logged in and only then started to try to add products to cart. For her the add to cart button does nothing. Luckily she reported this problem to me but I don’t know how many clients I have lost due to this!
Checked the error log and have had a similar line for a week now. Here are some logs, that could be related to this issue (because I receive them the minute I try to replicate the situation):
[09-Oct-2023 03:35:14 Etc/GMT+2] PHP Notice: Undefined index: name in /home/cottonstore/public_html/var/cache/prod/smarty/compile/alysum/4a/55/a3/4a55a35a25b991c903d5c272a30545cf10056d78_2.file.customer-form.tpl.php on line 52
[09-Oct-2023 03:35:14 Etc/GMT+2] PHP Notice: Undefined index: type in /home/cottonstore/public_html/var/cache/prod/smarty/compile/alysum/19/c7/52/19c752f5924e7a7707e3fa6ac8c2845ce3fc168e_2.file.customer-form.tpl.php on line 58

The same happens both from desktop and mobile versions. And as soon as the client logs out, the add to cart button works again.


Madara Mikuda-Rupeika 09 Oct 2023, 07:56

Tried to replicate the problem once again to check the error log at the precise time and I get also lines about PS Facebook module (attached error log file). Don’t know if they are linked to the problem, just wanted to provide more information.


error_log (1) (53.3 KiB)
Madara Mikuda-Rupeika 09 Oct 2023, 08:08

Sorry for many messages!
Checked PS_facebook module. It showed upgrade. Did that. Checked it once again - It showed “Upgrade” once again. I disabled it. The problem with Add to Cart button not working when client is logged in disappeared.

Fred 09 Oct 2023, 17:52

Hi, Madara Mikuda-Rupeika.
1. Try to reset Facebook module
2. We never had such problem before. Are you sure you have not configured cart rules to work in that way?

Madara Mikuda-Rupeika 10 Oct 2023, 06:54

The last thing I have done is set up the Facebook module, adding the FB pixel. Then the problem started to appear. As in our country (Latvia) Facebook shops are not available I don’t intend to waste time on adding barcode/brand for each product so that they would export to (non existent) Facebook catalogue. Maybe that creates the problem? In the step-by-step guide I have only two green checks (Connect your Prestashop account and Connect your store to Facebook) and two unfinished tasks (Export product catalogue and Create Traffic).

Fred 10 Oct 2023, 12:02

Ok, initial issue has to be fixed now
Updated file is