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Ticket #24974 - Mobile version is not updated

Good morning,
I’m making changes to Google AMP → Homepage
I save the design profile and modify the settings but it is not updated in the mobile version, that is, the changes are not seen.
An example, I have removed the BLOG block but it is still visible in the mobile version, is there something I am doing wrong? I have cleared the cache on the iPhone but it still does not update.

I hope your answer,
Thank you!


IMG_4569.PNG (1.54 MiB)


Fred 10 Oct 2023, 12:48

Hi, Olesya.
As I can see you don’t have enabled AMP on the screenshot, and that’s because you don’t have enabled https protocol in your prestashop. AMP is required https to be enabled

Olesya Stetska Dolgosh 30 Oct 2023, 19:09

Okay, I've done it and it works.

I have tried to place an order with the payment gateway payment method but the following error appears, the information to enter the bank card number, expiration date and cvv does not appear.


IMG_7253.PNG (232.7 KiB)
Fred 31 Oct 2023, 21:49

Try to enable Desktop Checkout option in the AMP settings. That option has been added because of variety of payment modules which AMP doesn't support. So it should solve the problem you have