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Ticket #24975 - Menu displayed incorrectly in GB version

I can’t resolve a menu issue.

More precisely, the menu is not displayed correctly in the GB version.

In the ITA version the submenu items are formatted correctly and are displayed in alphabetical order.

In the GB version, however, the submenu items are not sorted in alphabetical order and the font of the menu text changes.

The categories are set correctly and sorted alphabetically.

The menu template is the same for both Italian and English.

Can you help me understand what the problem is?

Many thanks in advance


MENU-ITA.jpg (129.6 KiB)
MENU GB.jpg (123 KiB)
MENU-ITA-MAN.jpg (126.8 KiB)
MENU-GB-MAN.jpg (134.3 KiB)


Giuseppe De Cunzo 10 Oct 2023, 20:53

Solved ! Thank you !

Fred 11 Oct 2023, 11:16

Ok, great!