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  • Theme: Alysum
  • Assigned To: Fred
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  • Open Date: 16.10.23, 11:07
  • Opened by: Starstick

Ticket #24984 - Image Zoom

Hello! We use creative elements in the product sheet with the carousel featuring horizontal thumbnails. However, the Zoom feature for the photos is not functioning properly; the magnifying glass icon is displayed, but it doesn’t open the photos in a larger view: https://www.starstickvinilos.com/en/spanish-phrases/4494-reading-is-dreaming-wall-stickers.html

Is it possible to fix this? Thank you.


Fred 16 Oct 2023, 11:38

Hi, Starstick.
That’s maybe caused by an error in the slick script of creative elements https://take.ms/aM8tn

Starstick 16 Oct 2023, 14:24

Hi Fred,
Ok, is it possible to fix this?


Fred 16 Oct 2023, 15:46

I’m not sure that’s our problem because it’s CE script. But please update credentials in your profile https://support.promokit.eu/myprofile to access to your Back-office to let me check your settings

Starstick 16 Oct 2023, 17:40

Hi, credentials updated. thanks

Fred 17 Oct 2023, 10:47

So I have found out that some script removes that images modal. when I disable javascript in browser, the modal exist → https://take.ms/UcJOP but with enabled JS modal is removed https://take.ms/Z58rD

I can’t find which script is doing that. But there is no such problem in our demo so I’m sure some third party module doing that

Starstick 17 Oct 2023, 11:01

Hello, then I prefer if you can disable it, please. And leave it without Zoom option.

Now sometimes works with Zoom, but it gives errors and can’t be closed. It would be better if you could remove it for us.

thank you

Fred 17 Oct 2023, 11:18

you can disable it in Theme Settings → product page → Main Image Inner Zoom

Starstick 17 Oct 2023, 11:22

Hello, no, I don’t have options in the product tab of the theme settings. Attached screenshot.


Fred 17 Oct 2023, 11:28

it seems to be hidden because you have selected a template. Select Native layout, Save, then the option will appear. Then Switch back to your template

Starstick 17 Oct 2023, 11:43

perfect, that’s it. thank you very much

Fred 17 Oct 2023, 12:02

You are welcome!