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  • Open Date: 20.10.23, 12:42
  • Opened by: Mamor

Ticket #24995 - Products in the same category & No follow on the pagination


I’m writing to you because I have 2 problems.

1. I’ve added products from the same category at the bottom of the product page.

When I switch to mobile, the elements come one on top of the other, as shown here: (https://prod.lora-moi.ch/fr/p/1072-bague-plaque-or-pierre-naturelle-agate-noire.html)

And I’d like them to come in a carousel like on this example: https://alysum.promokit.eu/en/tops/18-127-printed-chiffon-dress-2835934862850.html#/1-size-s/16-color-yellow

Can you tell me how to do this?

2. Next, I’d like to remove the no follow on the pagination in the footer (see screen).
Thanks for any help.

Have a nice day and best regards,



nofllow.JPG (96.5 KiB)


Fred 20 Oct 2023, 14:21

Hi, Mamor.
1. in progress
2. Open the file /themes/alysum/templates/_partials/pagination.tpl and remove it there

Mamor 20 Oct 2023, 15:21

Thank you for your reply

1. I think I’ve found a solution with product carrousel > popular product > you can show default categories ! I’ll try it out and keep you posted.

2. All right thx.

Fred 20 Oct 2023, 15:51

1. Ok, waiting for you

Mamor 24 Oct 2023, 09:36

The solution is to set up the product carousel and tell it to take the popular products in the current categories.

Fred 24 Oct 2023, 12:13

Ok, thanks for sharing. I should have checked the source code to understand how it work