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Ticket #24996 - Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '='

An error occurred while trying to install the template. The site stopped working and the modules panel does not work ((((
Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘=’

[Symfony\Component\Debug\Exception\FatalThrowableError 0]


Fred 20 Oct 2023, 21:05

Hi, Tortino sp. z o o.
What php version do you have? I assume some outdated one.

Tortino sp. z o o 20 Oct 2023, 21:33

I have 7.2I had version 7.2 and this error appeared. I changed it to 7.4 and wanted to reinstall the template, but the site is now not working. I can’t log into the admin panel either. And I don’t have a backup. Before this, the developer updated PrestaShop to version, since previously the theme was also not installed on version If I return the copy automatically, then the entire update will be lost and I will have to pay the developer again.

Fred 20 Oct 2023, 21:37

Wait, let me check.
Please update credentials in your profile https://support.promokit.eu/myprofile to access to your Back-office and FTP Server

Tortino sp. z o o 20 Oct 2023, 21:46

Done, but I’m not sure if I entered the data correctly before FTP

Fred 20 Oct 2023, 22:03

As I can see that could be just a cache issue.
Try to remove/rename cache folder “dev” in /var/cache

Tortino sp. z o o 20 Oct 2023, 22:15

Thanks, it helped, but such a communicator appeared. This module was previously installed

Fred 20 Oct 2023, 22:16

that’s an error of amazing filter modules, not ours. Try to disable Debug mode to hide that error message

Tortino sp. z o o 20 Oct 2023, 22:16

when entering the “modules” tab in the admin panel there is also an error

Fred 20 Oct 2023, 22:18

Read carefully error message, and you will see where it comes from. In this case from this module → https://take.ms/viSJe

Tortino sp. z o o 20 Oct 2023, 22:24

Everything seems to be working! Can I try installing the template again? Do I need to do anything before reinstalling? Delete cache, files?

Fred 20 Oct 2023, 22:25

just disable cache before installation that should be enough