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Ticket #25017 - Cropped images in the AMP version of the lookbook

In the Mobile version of AMP, the lookbook widget appears cropped. Rectangular images appear square. Because of this, some of the data is not visible to the buyer. In addition, in the product widget, when selecting a carousel, the “Buy” button for some screen extensions is cut off.


Fred 31 Oct 2023, 21:57

Yes, I see the issue.
While we trying to figure out how to get image sizes, you can make a quick fix directly in the file


and adjust "height" attribute accordingly to your image dimension https://take.ms/W3zkW

Tortino sp. z o o 03 Nov 2023, 17:56

I changed it, but unfortunately, it didn’t change the situation significantly. The image is not displayed as expected. The only thing that helps is changing the % value. But even so the image is stretched. Besides, I don’t know where to look for this class in the code

Fred 05 Nov 2023, 11:34

height adjusted to 210 and now it looks fine