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Ticket #25018 - Set pages generated by the filter to no index no follow

Hello Fred,

I wanted to know how to make the pages generated via the prestashop filter no index no follow.

Currently the pages are in index follow which is bad for SEO! We simply prefer to put the pages generated by the filter in no index and no follow.

Here’s an example of the pages generated by the filter: https://prod.lora-moi.ch/en/141-automatic-wood-watch?q=Movement+-Automatic+Movement+Miyota+82S5+

Please note: We’re talking about pages generated by the filter that typically have in the url: ?q=

Thanks for your help and have a nice day.


Fred 02 Nov 2023, 23:15

Hi, Mamor.
Could you please show me on a screenshot where those links are?

Mamor 03 Nov 2023, 12:14

Hello Fred,

These links are generated via the prestashop filter.

Go to this page: https://prod.lora-moi.ch/fr/290-montres-en-bois-quartz-homme

Click on the yellow filter and filter an element, this will generate a link and this link is in index/follow and it should be in noindex/no follow


filter.JPG (134.1 KiB)
Fred 03 Nov 2023, 17:30

but you have “nofollow” there https://take.ms/yeK0f

Mamor 03 Nov 2023, 18:59

Yes, the filter links are in nofollow, but the problem is that google will still go to the pages generated by the filter. That’s why the generated pages should be in nofollow and no index, so you can be sure they won’t be indexed.

It’s often the case that Google doesn’t necessarily take nofollow into account and you end up with filter pages that are indexed, which is a disaster because this filter is clearly not part of an SEO strategy.

Fred 04 Nov 2023, 19:28

Ok, you can try to add noindex attribute in this file

Mamor 06 Nov 2023, 13:50

I went looking in this document and found nothing, I’d have to create a rule, I’d rather ask a coder.

Fred 06 Nov 2023, 19:52

You just need to find rel=”nofollow” in that file and add “noindex” or whatever you need there