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  • Open Date: 07.11.23, 16:23
  • Opened by: Sabeer Mirza
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Ticket #25034 - Need to change add to cart layout

I need to change the way add to cart pops up below the footer in my store.
This is the image https://prnt.sc/nvcvcmsFsAJ6 I want it in such a way that when i click add to cart, the product gets added and opens up in this view either →https://prnt.sc/TPw5XdDsrOZz


Fred 07 Nov 2023, 17:08

I’m not sure I understand what are you doing. But you you want to change cart page layout, you have to edit this file

Sabeer Mirza 08 Nov 2023, 10:32

You did not understand my problem.
When I click on Add to cart in my product page, this cart pops up below the footer → https://prnt.sc/nvcvcmsFsAJ6.
Instead of this I want the cart to open this wya → https://prnt.sc/TPw5XdDsrOZz

Fred 08 Nov 2023, 10:52

But there is no such option. You can only do that through code customisation

Sabeer Mirza 08 Nov 2023, 11:43

But in the demo of your theme in the Themeforest website.
The add to cart appears as → https://prnt.sc/rBTz2TmhNBwY Then why is it working in this way on my website? → https://prnt.sc/nvcvcmsFsAJ6

Fred 08 Nov 2023, 11:51

I believe it’s because you changed something in the code. We never had cart that looks like on your screenshot.
Please restore original theme filed to get right view

Sabeer Mirza 08 Nov 2023, 13:27

No we haven’t changed anything in the code. The file is the same as downloaded from you guys.

Fred 08 Nov 2023, 13:28

Can you just try to upload original files instead of those you currently have?

Sabeer Mirza 08 Nov 2023, 13:35

I’m afraid that will tamper the old settings I’ve done to the website. Won’t they?

Fred 08 Nov 2023, 13:36

There are no settings in files, all your settings stored in database

Fred 08 Nov 2023, 13:36


Sabeer Mirza 08 Nov 2023, 13:37

Can you please tell me the process if you do not mind?
Like steps to follow

Fred 08 Nov 2023, 13:38

Just upload original theme folder instead of current one

Sabeer Mirza 08 Nov 2023, 13:39

Through Cpanel? Or the store?

Fred 08 Nov 2023, 13:40

I can’t say, I have no idea what hosting and in which way you are using it

Fred 08 Nov 2023, 13:47

Just upload it thought FTP

Sabeer Mirza 08 Nov 2023, 15:32

what about the backup?

Sabeer Mirza 09 Nov 2023, 09:59

I uploaded the file, and set everything from before. I still get the same cart.

Fred 09 Nov 2023, 10:36

First of all, I highly recommend you to change hosting. Current one is so slow that some resources are not loading in time. I also have to wait a couple of minutes every time I need to refresh the page. It’s impossible to debug the issue in these conditions.

Fred 09 Nov 2023, 10:39

Why these core files are modified? https://take.ms/AQ8ok

That can also be a reason of the issue. Please fix that first

Sabeer Mirza 09 Nov 2023, 11:11

How do i do that’

Fred 09 Nov 2023, 11:16

I have no idea, that’s not a part of the theme.
But the main problem is performance. Your hosting is so slow that some prestashop resources are not able to loads because of timeouts https://take.ms/BCf9v

Resolve hosting problem first, that is a key issue

Sabeer Mirza 09 Nov 2023, 12:03

I changed the files as you asked ie, the core files. Although it doesnt show in advanced parameters now.
But yes i’ve set them to old files.
Yet i cannot get back the old one.

Sabeer Mirza 09 Nov 2023, 13:35


Fred 09 Nov 2023, 15:39

The problem with your hosting still persist https://take.ms/koESf because of your slow (or unconfigured) hosting some files of prestashop doesn’t load

That’s not a problem of the theme. Please fix that first.