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  • Open Date: 17.11.23, 15:02
  • Opened by: Sabeer Mirza
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Ticket #25055 - Help editings Chekout page

My checkout page has many errors and most of the features in the checkout page are not working.
i dont know what’s causing this problem.
Please help me to solve this issue and edit my checkout page.



Fred 18 Nov 2023, 12:53

Please fix the issue with your server first. The page is loading incredibly slow and for that reason Prestashop can't load all resources. See the screenshot https://take.ms/3p2cv

Sabeer Mirza 18 Nov 2023, 18:03

There is no issue with the server. It is all becuase of the modules which came along with your theme which weere causing the problem.
I disabled all non native modules, and now enabled modules required to load the pages, and see how fast it is now.
Kindly use store.billybuddha.com to check anything you need.
Number 1- Help me with the domainname.com/"ORDER" page , it is very disorganized.
Number 2- I am not able to view my logo in the header of my website.

Fred 18 Nov 2023, 20:21

1. As I said your server is not configured properly. I just enabled Debug Mode to see what's going on, and found out following error https://take.ms/lNX9h Here I have found similar issue with solution https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/1058042-opendirvarcpanelphpsessionsea-php74-failed-permission-denied-13/

2. I have enabled Profiler to see which module works slow, and didn't find there any slow module → https://take.ms/eR0QC Profiles is enabled right now and you can check that yourself.

3. I also fond out that theme's css file has been modified, so I have uploaded original one (I asked you, but you didn't do that) and now order page looks fine → https://take.ms/5W5rV

SO! I don't see any problem with that theme. The only problem you have is with your server, and with modified theme's files.

P.S. Even FTP connection to your server is incredibly slow, and I have to wait literally minutes to upload only one file.

Sabeer Mirza 19 Nov 2023, 05:44

The reason why you cannot see any slow modules rn, is because i've disabled all non-native prestashop modules and only enabled few PK modules.

Sabeer Mirza 19 Nov 2023, 07:35

and why is the header not visible?

Fred 19 Nov 2023, 08:36

1. Please fix the issue pointed in #1
2. Even with disabled modules your website is super slow
3. I believe because you modified theme files and when I restore original css you header becomes broken. Just restore all theme files as I already asked you to do earlier

Sabeer Mirza 19 Nov 2023, 09:20

I did that, but i dont know why the change did not take place.
Please tell me how you changed the native files back , and i will follow the steps.
Please be clear with it as how i should change the files.

Fred 19 Nov 2023, 10:46

You have theme folder "alysum" in the /ROOT/themes, so just upload original one downloaded from themeforest instead of current one. I think it can't be more clear, just replace one folder with another