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Ticket #25056 - Recently Viewed Products don't available on produkt page

Hello. The previously viewed products module is not displayed. The module is enabled and the option to display this module is selected in the theme settings. I also don’t understand where to look for the accessory control module.


Fred 18 Nov 2023, 12:48

I see a blank page here https://tortino.pl/ could you please check that?

Tortino sp. z o o 18 Nov 2023, 14:20

The page is already working! We used the maximum number of files on the server. Perhaps you can tell me yesterday I turned on the cache on the site, including the CCC. Within half a day, all server resources were used by files and the site crashed. Deleted 90k cache files.

Fred 18 Nov 2023, 14:38

Which files have you removed, are those files related to our modules?

Fred 18 Nov 2023, 14:45

1. viewed products. Try to reset that module. Please make sure you have visited a couple of products to have something to display by the module
2. Accessory is not a module, it's just a part of product page. You can add accessories in every product configuration page

Tortino sp. z o o 18 Nov 2023, 15:44

I deleted all files in the directory public html/var/cache/drod/smarty
There were a lot of AMP module cache files. I still didn’t look through them, there were about 90k of them and the site didn’t work, I deleted them urgently. Yesterday I enabled the cache, but did not enable the "synchronize multiple servers" option. I also turned on the CCC functionality, but now I’ve turned it off, I don’t understand why there’s so much cache

Fred 19 Nov 2023, 11:12

Ok, we will check are there our files and is there any way to reduce files number

Tortino sp. z o o 19 Nov 2023, 12:22

Yesterday 60% of the files were used, today again 97%. I checked the directory again, 90k cache files.

Fred 19 Nov 2023, 12:28

That's common issue and it's not related to Prestashop. You can ask your hosting provider to increase "inodes" limit.
Here I have found similar issue and there someone had 300 000 files https://www.sunnytoo.com/forums/topic/icon-problem-and-image-url-problem/#post-88307

Tortino sp. z o o 19 Nov 2023, 15:54

I know I can increase my hosting volume.It feels like they are being created endlessly and if I buy even 500 inodes, the limit is used up in a few days. The cache takes up almost half of the limit. After deletion, 90k cache files are created per day. The total permissible volume is 250k. If you look at the cache files, most of them are in the directory
And folders pkcompareFetchTemplate#### on

Is this number of cache files normal?

Fred 19 Nov 2023, 16:09

all those cache files generated by prestashop, so I can't say is it normal. But we have an idea how to optimize that. Back to you tomorrow with some news

Tortino sp. z o o 19 Nov 2023, 16:14

Thanks, I'll wait for the information.

Fred 20 Nov 2023, 11:29

We have updated AMP module. Please check it out