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  • Open Date: 20.11.23, 11:22
  • Opened by: Marco Madeo
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Ticket #25061 - Home page, mobile version from Google AMP

I’m contacting you again as I have a new need.
I would need to customize the “homepage” without using Google AMP.
I saw that in custom templates it is possible to modify the modifiable header, but I can’t find a way to modify or create a homepage for mobile. I use Elementor PRO on Wordpress and can do them without any problem.
I tried looking from the “content everywhere” section but I can’t figure out what to do.
I chose to use this solution because it seems more customizable than Google AMP.
Could you kindly support me? Thank you.


Fred 20 Nov 2023, 11:54

Hi, Marco Madeo.
yes, for now there is no such option to have mobile layout for home page, but that's a task we want to add in further updates. I can try to force this task to provide it to you sooner

Marco Madeo 20 Nov 2023, 12:36

Hi Fred, thanks for the reply. Yes, if you can it would be useful for me and for all other users of the theme. It would make it similar to the version of Elementor PRO for Wordpress. But do you think it will be a quick thing of a few days or weeks? I'm asking to understand whether to wait for your update or use Google AMP. Forgive me, is it possible to have a dual language "mobile home" for Google AMP? See you soon, thanks again.

Fred 20 Nov 2023, 21:34

We have a solution.
Please update credentials in your profile https://support.promokit.eu/myprofile to access to your FTP Server to let me implement it

Marco Madeo 21 Nov 2023, 14:16

Thank you so much Fred! Yes I have updated now the FTP access. So you can implement it. But it's a feature that will be available for all the others customers in the next theme updates? I'm asking this for consider it when we'll use your theme again for others projects. Thank you again.

Fred 21 Nov 2023, 15:33

please try, it should work

Marco Madeo 07 Dec 2023, 15:57

Thank you very much Fred, forgive the delay in the response but we stopped the conclusion of the web project for a few days to dedicate ourselves to other deadlines.
I confirm that it is now possible to configure the mobile version of the Homepage, you can see it correctly from the backoffice. But from the mobile frontend you can't see the Homepage. After disabling the Google AMP by promokit module. Can we get an indication? A thousand thanks.

Marco Madeo 07 Dec 2023, 16:36

Good evening again, I finally solved it, perhaps it was a cache problem, because now the homepage is visible on mobile also in the frontend. But another error occurred. Changing the language works correctly with the desktop version (which is automatic, although for the HOME it is done manually with Elementor). However, changing languages ​​does not work with the mobile version. I correctly entered "language change" in the mobile header. Can you please check it too and fix it? Thank you.

Fred 08 Dec 2023, 10:51

The issue has been fixed. Please test to confirm the change.
Updated file is


missed "pk-item-content" class

Marco Madeo 11 Dec 2023, 15:06

So, in the current situation it's also possible to change the language in the header of the mobile version. However, in the desktop version the page is well translated (we did the translation using "creative elements"), while in the mobile home page only some elements are translated. I attach you some screenshots.
You can check it? Thank you.


dekstop.jpg (190.8 KiB)
Fred 11 Dec 2023, 16:01

Yes, I see.
We will try to add translation option for mobile templates too. Can't say when it will be ready

Marco Madeo 14 Dec 2023, 10:44

Thank you so much Fred, It would be interesting, because otherwise the theme would have to be used with the Google AMP module. But that module also has some customization problems. Thank you very much, I await your news.

Fred 14 Dec 2023, 13:23

I just added this feature into TODO for the next update. It will be released within a couple of months

Marco Madeo 20 Dec 2023, 17:03

Good evening Fred, after Christmas we have to put the site online. I understand that this feature was not foreseen and I am grateful for the inclusion of it in future updates. But our problem persists and is quite serious. To date, the desktop version of the site works for Italian/English translation and it is possible to change the language correctly. However, in the mobile version it is not yet possible. We have set aside the possibility of using the theme's responsive option. So we thought about using Google AMP at least for the site's homepage. But with this module we can't make dual language translation work. The homepage made with "creative elements" is not translated. Can you tell us how to solve or work around this serious problem? Thank you.

Fred 21 Dec 2023, 13:25

we will try to implement this feature first and provide it to you before release

Marco Madeo 22 Dec 2023, 18:05

Hi Fred, k thank you do much. And have a nice Xmas to you and to all Promokit staff! In alternative you can give us other way. Thank you again.

Fred 22 Dec 2023, 18:10

It's already in progress… Merry Christmas to you too!

Fred 23 Dec 2023, 12:15

it's already implemented in your store. Please test and let us know if you will have some problems

Marco Madeo 02 Jan 2024, 11:19

Good morning Fred, thank you very much for your intervention! Happy New Year too! So, I tried to create the link to the "mobile home page" from "content everywhere". I attach the first screenshot. So I think now we do great progress towards the final solution. But now on every page of Elementor, when you click on "edit with Creative Elements" an error appears, which is the following: "the preview could not be loaded". Can you tell me how to solve it? I attached for you 2 screenshot. Thanks so much again.


screens1.jpg (86.7 KiB)
Fred 02 Jan 2024, 22:36

Please make sure you have selected "displayHomeBuilderMobile" hook in Theme Settings

Marco Madeo 03 Jan 2024, 18:30

Thank you Fred, yes I did, thanks, it works now. Sometimes the error still occurs, but simply go to the theme settings and assign the 2 hooks for the homepage again, both mobile and desktop. A thousand thanks!
I'm sorry to bother you again, but the template seems to be completely ok now. The only thing I noticed is that it doesn't allow me to save a custom footer for mobile. I open another ticket for clarity and to ask you for some advice. Thanks again.

Fred 03 Jan 2024, 20:07

Ok, great!