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  • Open Date: 21.11.23, 11:53
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Ticket #25065 - Problems with filters and faceted navigation on AMP

Problems with filters and faceted navigation.
In the Desktop version everything works fine. Except:
1. On the page, the promo filter is displayed on the side. I can’t find where I can change the template of this page.
More problems in the AMP version:
2. Promo filters are not displayed on the page unless they are enabled.
3. After loading the second page, the filter displays the non-core selection. For example, if I select Color Mill brand dyes, then after loading the second page, Fractal brand dyes enter the filtering.
4. If you select a product from the filter selection. View the product page, and then return to the category page (click back), then the filters will not be active. The selection includes all products from the category. Then you need to scroll up and click “apply filter” again. It is very uncomfortable. In addition, there is no button to go to the top of the page; you need to scroll up for a long time. I tried turning off endless page loading, but this only adds a “load more products” button, not a numbered page.
5. Is it possible to disable the automatic opening of the first filter squeak? So that when you click and all filters are closed and the client chooses which list to open


Fred 23 Nov 2023, 11:21

1. I'm not sure I understood what do you want to do. You want to change a template for a page where filter is shown, is that Category page?
2. Again, if I understood you right, you want to display product filter on "Prices Drop" page in AMP. Unfortunately, AMP supports filters on category page only. Initially Faceted Search module was working on category page only, and only a couple of months ago new pages were added.
3. Yes, I see. We need to investigate that
4. Unfortunately, this feature is also not supporting by AMP filter. It requires additional development.
5. I can't find a page with filters to check, so give you instructions what to do
- open the file


- find the line

<amp-accordion class="facet" expand-single-section animate>

- remove "expand-single-section" attribute, like this

<amp-accordion class="facet" animate>