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Ticket #25081 - Text of cover image on the products catalogue.

On the products page of the catalogue, if I modify the text of the cover image, save the image settings, and then after any other modifications save the product, the text of the image is not modified, why?
What do I have to do to keep the modified text unchanged?

Thank you.


Fred 27 Nov 2023, 13:30

Hi, Pierfranco.
Please fill out all necessary fields in your profile https://support.promokit.eu/myprofile to access to your Back-office to let me check that

Pierfranco Rossi 30 Nov 2023, 16:17

Hi Fred,
I have registered all the requested data in my profile, I await your news.
Thank you

Pierfranco Rossi 30 Nov 2023, 16:18

The text of the cover image don't change only for Italian and English.

Fred 30 Nov 2023, 21:29

Hi, Pierfranco.
Where is the text of cover image? because I can't find it → https://take.ms/Um8rK

Pierfranco Rossi 01 Dec 2023, 08:22

Hi Fred,
select the image and the text window appears, look at the screenshot, then save with the "Save image settings" button.
If I exit now the text remains, but if I click on the "Save" button at the bottom and exit, it puts the previous text back, give it a try.
Thank you


text-1.jpg (268.3 KiB)
Fred 01 Dec 2023, 10:22

But that's back office, not the theme.
I just checked our demo and localhost and there is no such issue, so I assume that's a problem of your prestashop store