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Ticket #25094 - Undefined error on product page when selecting colour or quantity

When selecting an attribute or quantity on the product page this error occurs



Fred 02 Dec 2023, 11:35

Hi, Pedro Vives Aguilar.
Try following CSS fix to hide it

.product-add-to-cart .alert {display:none}
Pedro Vives Aguilar 04 Dec 2023, 11:00

Good morning!

Thanks for your answer, we don't want to hide it, we want it to work and not give errors, because the thumbnails don't change when changing the combination and the console shows a js error.

Thank you very much

Fred 05 Dec 2023, 11:13

The issue has been fixed. Please test to confirm the change
Updated file is

Pedro Vives Aguilar 05 Dec 2023, 11:42

Good morning! No, it's not working, it's not changing the thumbnails when you change combination and it keeps giving the error in console

Fred 05 Dec 2023, 21:43

Yes I see an error in console, but I don't see any issues in front page. There thumbnail remains the same

Pedro Vives Aguilar 07 Dec 2023, 13:25

The thumbnails should change when the combination is changed.

Fred 07 Dec 2023, 13:29

Can we switch to Classic theme to see how it works there?

Pedro Vives Aguilar 07 Dec 2023, 13:58

No, the website is in production already, but you can see how the images change in the combination here, which is the same configuration, prestashop version and theme: https://designdistrikt.ch/de/boxspringbetten/2349-36420-boxspringbett-palazzo-mit-topper-stauraumfunktion.html#/101-grosse_betten-140_x_200_cm/225-material-strukturstoff/482-farben_sofa_beds_neu_21102023-strukturstoff_weiss

Fred 07 Dec 2023, 13:59

Yes, I see, I just want to figure out where the issue is coming from. And I can't reproduce the issue neither locally nor on demo server

Pedro Vives Aguilar 07 Dec 2023, 14:26

Okay, I made a backup just in case, try now switching the themes

Pedro Vives Aguilar 07 Dec 2023, 16:19

It works now, it was a server error, thanks!

Fred 07 Dec 2023, 16:31

Great! You are welcome