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  • Theme: Alysum
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  • Open Date: 02.12.23, 20:02
  • Opened by: Jorge Barroso
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Ticket #25099 - creative elements

My creative element maquetador de temas requires a license even after the purchase..


Fred 02 Dec 2023, 20:07

Hi, Jorge.
In our theme we are using this Creative Elements module https://pagebuilder.webshopworks.com

The only way they provide it for developers (like we are) is this "in-stock" version you currently have. In this way they earn more money if someone will decide he really need some "pro" features.
But. Everything that you can see in our demo pages was built using "in-stock" module version to not force our customers to purchase "Pro" module version.
Moreover, we have developed over 50 our own Creative Elements widgets special for our theme to have deep integration.
So, you don't need to purchase anything additionally, unless you decide you need some "Pro" feature.

Jorge Barroso 02 Dec 2023, 20:22

ok, ok, i am just new… some place with some tutorialss i was used ti classic prestashop….now i am lost

Fred 02 Dec 2023, 21:17

If you need assistance, just let me know

Jorge Barroso 03 Dec 2023, 11:35

hi, the promokit menu is not working at all, i place the presta link and is no working anything, like no link added.
in manual, i add an category link but does not work either

Fred 03 Dec 2023, 11:36

Yes, we have found this issue as well and working on a solution. Back to you with some news soon

Jorge Barroso 03 Dec 2023, 11:50

Yes because in mobile works good, not in web. how long is going to be?
i have to make that soon :(

Fred 03 Dec 2023, 11:51

Hope today, or tomorrow

Fred 03 Dec 2023, 15:01

Please fill out all necessary fields in your profile https://support.promokit.eu/myprofile to access to your Back-office and FTP Server to let me apply the fix

Jorge Barroso 03 Dec 2023, 15:58

I think i added already

Fred 03 Dec 2023, 19:25

I can't connect to your FTP

Response: 	530 Login incorrect.
Error:         	Critical error: Could not connect to server
Jorge Barroso 03 Dec 2023, 22:02

That is weird, i try to make a screenshot
And now i realized that in mobile the products dont show in categories, ansd in computer the filter tab is not working too….:(

Jorge Barroso 03 Dec 2023, 22:05

ok was my fault, i did not get well the data.
should work now

Fred 04 Dec 2023, 10:04

The menu has been fixed. Please test to confirm the change

Jorge Barroso 04 Dec 2023, 10:16

Yes, it is done.
thanks till next time!

Fred 04 Dec 2023, 10:16

You are welcome!