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Ticket #25149 - Selecting the size causes the error "undefined" to appear

Details in the attachment



Fred 22 Dec 2023, 10:43

Hi, Tomasz.
The error looks strange and I'm not sure it's related to the theme. There is a request to prestashop which is "not found" → https://take.ms/0OkQe

Can you switch to Classic theme to check the issue there?

Tomasz Malinowski 22 Dec 2023, 13:23

Hi Fred,
Indeed, on the classic template also occurs this error.

Fred 22 Dec 2023, 14:50

Don't know what to do, because there is no any additional information except error code 404

Tomasz Malinowski 22 Dec 2023, 15:23

The problem is in the vhost confguration for the Nginx server, it is missing the configuration for mod_rewrite. But it is already working on it.

You can close my ticket.

Fred 22 Dec 2023, 15:26

Ok I see.