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Ticket #25155 - Shop.Theme.Customeraccount Translation doesn't work

I translated all the phrases in Shop.Theme.Customeraccount but for Polish there is still no translation. It looks like this in the attachment.


Fred 27 Dec 2023, 21:51

Hi, Tomasz.
It seems there is wrong translation domain used. I have no permissions to fix so please do the following steps:
- open the file


- find "Shop.Theme.Customeraccount" domain and replace it with "Modules.Pkelements.Shop"
- go to module translations and translate

Tomasz Malinowski 27 Dec 2023, 22:37

Hi Fred, As always, it works - thank you.

Fred 27 Dec 2023, 22:47

We already fixed this in the theme for the next release
You are welcome

Tomasz Malinowski 09 Apr 2024, 08:23

Hi Fred,

Now I have a problem with the translation of the "Your account" page into Polish. Please see the video.


Fred 09 Apr 2024, 20:52

I have fixed that. Also added a note about such problem in the translation catalog: https://alysum.promokit.eu/promokit/documentation/translations/

Tomasz Malinowski 09 Apr 2024, 22:46

Hi Fred, thanks.

Fred 09 Apr 2024, 22:46

You are welcome!