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Ticket #25156 - Multilingualism in slider doesn't work

According to the instructions, I set the multi-language for the slider. Unfortunately I can not set the translation for all languages, only the last one is remembered.



Fred 27 Dec 2023, 21:47

Hi, Tomasz.
Yes, I see. We need to contact module developers regarding the issue.
For now you can following trick
- create a copy of your slider and "translate" it, let's say to Polish (just change the text)
- select that copy for the layout of Polish template version

Tomasz Malinowski 27 Dec 2023, 23:00

Hi Fred,
Thank you for the "trick", as a temporary solution it works.

Fred 27 Dec 2023, 23:02

You are welcome!

Tomasz Malinowski 08 Apr 2024, 14:11

Hi Fred, has the problem been fixed?

Fred 08 Apr 2024, 19:24

We haven't received any updated version from developers yet.