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Ticket #25185 - Reassurance to the customer

where can I change the position and size of the text? In the module I have no possibility and therefore in the smartphone version it is very difficult to see and read. See screenshot.
Thank you


reassurance.jpg (263.2 KiB)


Fred 05 Jan 2024, 13:49

Hi, Pierfranco.
Try following CSS fix:

@media(max-width:1024px) {
    .blockreassurance_product > div {
        flex-direction: column; text-align: center; gap: 20px;
Pierfranco Rossi 05 Jan 2024, 15:33

Sorry Fred,
I did not understand, I use Prestashop, I have no idea how to do it… Do I have to create a CSS?
I really wouldn't know where to start.

Fred 05 Jan 2024, 17:16

Just copy that code and paste it into Theme Settings → Customer CSS

Pierfranco Rossi 05 Jan 2024, 19:19

Ok, done.

Fred 05 Jan 2024, 21:03

Is the issue resolved now?

Pierfranco Rossi 06 Jan 2024, 10:29

Yes Fred, solved for smartphone, thanks

Fred 06 Jan 2024, 10:31

You are welcome!