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  • Theme: Alysum
  • Assigned To: Fred
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  • Open Date: 17.01.24, 12:47
  • Opened by: Mamor

Ticket #25226 - Responsive bugs

Hi Fred,

I’m having a problem with the blog and the theme.

When I switch to responsive mode on a blog post, the mega menu and footer appear completely zoomed out on mobile.

It’s as if there is a conflict between the theme and the module.

How to reproduce: Go on the blog https://www.lora-moi.ch/fr/blog and change the view on mobile.

I’ve looked everywhere, but I can’t find anything.

This zoom effect only applies to mobile blog pages, and I don’t really know why.

Can you take a look at the screenshots?

Thank you very much for your help.

Have a nice day and best regards,


PS: This isn’t the theme blog, I needed one that could be used with creative element



Fred 17 Jan 2024, 20:28

Hi, Mamor.
Could you please provide access to your back office because I see this https://take.ms/igKJc

Mamor 19 Jan 2024, 09:32

Hello Fred,

Sorry for the inconvenience, is it possible to have your ip address to create a rule and not be blocked?

And I have changed the log access because the shop is not anymore on dev but is live (this is probably with Cloudflare block you) !

Fred 22 Jan 2024, 11:43

Yes, please

Sorry for the delay

Mamor 02 Feb 2024, 15:35

Hi Fred,

I hope you're doing well? Have you had time to look at the issue with the blog on mobile? Thanks for your reply.

Fred 02 Feb 2024, 16:57

Sorry, it seems I lost this ticket. Going to check it today

Mamor 02 Feb 2024, 17:05

Okay, no problem. Thanks for your reply.

Fred 03 Feb 2024, 11:58

We have found out that blog is removing this line of code https://take.ms/aTaDi Do you have a contact with developers to ask to fix that?

Mamor 05 Feb 2024, 08:46

Hi Fred,

Thanks for your reply.

Yes, I'm in touch with him, so should I tell him to add the line from the screenshot?

Fred 05 Feb 2024, 10:28

No, it should not remove that line

Mamor 05 Feb 2024, 16:07

Okay, but what does he have to do? Put it back?

Fred 05 Feb 2024, 16:43

I have no idea, but that line must not be removed, if you don't want to have website behaviour that you currently have

Mamor 06 Feb 2024, 12:52

Hi Fred,

I'm getting back to you to let you know that the problem is solved! As usual, thank you very much for your help and well done for finding the cause of the problem, it wasn't easy to find! Have a great day and see you next time.

Fred 06 Feb 2024, 19:42

That's great! Thanks!