Ticket #25234 - Compiled styles are broken when caché is enabled

Our previously submitted ticked #24936 was closed but not solved properly so I’ve opened a new ticket again, sorry for that.
Here the original ticket: https://support.promokit.eu/?do=details&task_id=24936&project=3

As suggested, we updated these 2 files pointed in the last solution you gave us:

  1. modules/pkelements/pkelements.php
  1. themes/alysum/templates/catalog/_partials/miniatures/product.tpl

The problem with the cache and the related elements is “solved” but then we observe two more problems:

  1. A default widget is added on top of every page displaying a default image and dummy texts “Demo Product Title” and “View product”. We see that in the testing environment we gave you it is also displayed but then hidden via CSS. There is no other workaround here instead of doing this? Where did you put the style class?
  1. The order of HTML nodes are broken even in the testing environment. If you inspect the page you can see that all the <meta> appears inside the <body> tag instead of the <head> tag. This happens when we apply your solution so the page is unusable.

As far as we can see you’ve mainly modified the pkelements module with a WidgetInterface class instead of a Module class but we can’t see what is causing the problem described above.

Please, can you review this behavior to see how it can be properly fixed?


Fred 23 Jan 2024, 09:24

Hi, Manifiesto ESB63367478.
Could you please check your FTP credentials? because I'm not able to connect

Manifiesto ESB63367478 23 Jan 2024, 10:55

Hi Fred,
you should be able to connect to our FTP server as usual, the credentials are the same ones filled in our profile.
If you can't connect the only thing I can think about is you are using a different machine as before so the SSH key is different?
Could you please try it again?

Fred 23 Jan 2024, 11:11

I have updated Promokit Widgets module, now the first issue is resolved, but please check out your store to make sure everything is ok after update

I'm not sure, but the second issue seems to be resolved as well, please confirm

Manifiesto ESB63367478 24 Jan 2024, 10:19

Hi Fred,
thanks a lot for that.

I've been checking the website and I'm experiencing some issues.
For example at Home page I'm not seeing the "packs" section and just a default styled title is displayed.
Then if I navigate to "Productos" via the menu here https://vr6.manifiesto.io/productos-y-packs-capilares I'm seeing a blank page without content being loaded.
Also, if I go to a product detail page I'm not seeing related products.

I've tried to clear the cache and enabling/disabling it but the issue still persists.
Are you experiencing this behavior as well or you see it properly?
There is any compiled files that are needed to be cleared manually?

Thanks a lot!

Fred 24 Jan 2024, 10:28

Ok, new issues are fixed.
As for the "default widget is added on top of every page" that's strange, because we also had it in our local installation, but fixed that some time ago. But it's stil there in your store even with fixed module version.
Need more time for investigation

Manifiesto ESB63367478 25 Jan 2024, 10:36

Perfect, no worries, take your time to see if there is any workaround.
I've been checking the web with the new fixes you've done but still is buggy so I'm waiting to apply the changes in production environment.
It seems that related products in Home page and in product detail page seems to be working, the products landing page is loading properly too.
But also I've noticed the following:
- The issue with the <metas> and other head tags loading in the <body> is happening again
- When doing some responsive the header menu for mobile version is broken or bad compiled and sometimes the 2 menus are visible
- Related products in product detail page has some missing information and not the proper styles
- The product category page is not loading proper styles too
- The "default widget is loading at the top" issue that you're working at

Thanks a lot for your effort!

Fred 04 Feb 2024, 12:42

Sorry for such long waiting. All this time we tried to find a solution but with no success yet.
There is no such issue with the Creative elements version that's provided with our theme, so we assume that's a compatibility issue with CE pro

Manifiesto ESB63367478 19 Feb 2024, 18:20

Hey Fred,
any update on this?

Can you point us where to look at in order to find a quick fix for this issue?
We don't mind to change the module core files in order to solve the problem until you get a defenitive solution.

Thanks a lot!

Fred 20 Feb 2024, 09:10

It seems I lost credentials to login here https://take.ms/Znrmz, could you please send it to me once more?

Manifiesto ESB63367478 22 Feb 2024, 15:44

Hey Fred, yes of course!

Fred 25 Feb 2024, 10:35

We have tested out CE Pro version locally and not able to reproduce the issue, everything works fine.
I have found out that Pro version also has an option to assign a template to product miniature https://take.ms/doxIW have you tried it?

Manifiesto ESB63367478 07 Mar 2024, 15:46

Hi Fred,
first of all, sorry for the late reply.

We've tried to update the core files to see if the problem is solved but, again, it is persistent.

As a final test we decided to try what you suggested so we have end up using the Product Miniature template from Creative Elements instead of the theme's one.
And that did the trick, now event though the cache is enabled the product miniatures are displayed correctly.
You might be able to mark the issue as solved for now :)

For clariying things for other users that may encounter the same problem, if you are working with third party modules you might need to adapt those modules to integrate with CE templates because they won't work by default.

Fred 12 Mar 2024, 11:33

We still trying to figure out how to fix that. And even more, we have found performance issue with that option, so hope to resolve everything in the next update.
Thank you for your understanding and patience.