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  • Open Date: 23.01.24, 14:19
  • Opened by: Chloé MAHEO

Ticket #25236 - AMP theme doesnt work correctly

Hello +

I open this ticket for AMP because a lot of module are not completly displayed on it

read this report from a module builder : https://addons.prestashop.com/fr/6144-shop-product-reviews-avis-produits-avis-boutique.html
and also builder of TAbs : https://addons.prestashop.com/fr/onglet-produit/9064-champs-onglets-supplementaires-fiche-produit.html

So the AMP part must be at fault.
You need to check with the theme editor to find out if it is possible to make Prestashop’s native hooks behave natively.
Because if the basic behavior is altered our module will not be able to display correctly.

Please thank you to help us


Fred 24 Jan 2024, 09:52

Hi, Chloé.
AMP has its own html markup and it's not compatible by default with any module. We have "Ampified" whole theme and our modules, but every other module also has to be "ampified" to work in AMP.
You can find technical information on official Google AMP page https://amp.dev/documentation/guides-and-tutorials/learn/spec/amphtml

Chloé MAHEO 24 Jan 2024, 15:02

Fred I don't understand … can you confirm :
Is it the AMP theme that need to be modified to accept other module or is it other module that need to be be modified to works into AMP ?

Fred can you ampified AMP with the module additionnals Tabs ??? cost ???

Fred 24 Jan 2024, 19:16

Yes, I confirm that any third party module is not compatible with AMP.
"Ampifying" some module requires some time and additional development, it's a custom work. For now we don't have time to provide such service

Chloé MAHEO 19 Feb 2024, 18:28

Hi fred
do you think possible that you can have time one day ? do you know somebody able to do that ?

Fred 20 Feb 2024, 08:55

I can't say when we will have free time for custom work. Any developer can do that

Chloé MAHEO 20 Feb 2024, 11:01

Fred about AMP /mobile question for APPLE PAD
my client have a new APPLE PAD with 1440x900 resolution screen …
He don't understand why the display is not AMP/mobile ???

do you have an idea?

GOOGLE : we have some problems with the css file to heavy for AMP pages Google said the page cannot be into into google serch results !!!

do you have a solution ?


Fred 20 Feb 2024, 22:24

1. Yes, I see that on my iPad as well. We are using native Prestashop way to detect user's device, you can find it in the file
/ROOT/vendor/mobiledetect/mobiledetectlib/Mobile_Detect.php it seems it doesn't work correctly.
2. AMP is very strict to css or js files and has some limit. In your case the error happened because of external css file

Chloé MAHEO 21 Feb 2024, 08:50

OK : "Mobile_Detect.php it seems it doesn't work correctly" can you fix it ?

about AMP Css I have deleted the link to font-avesome but how to display icon or something like on the picture joint

thank you